Sunday, June 17, 2007

nothing says happy fathers day like green beans

i made fathers day dinner at my place for my dad this year. this was the menu: company chicken (its the kind with corned beef and bacon) and then green beans with olive oil and garlic, mashed potatoes, rolls and salad and my dad accidentally drank a mountain dew in the fridge. this was the conversation.
natali: dad thats mountain dew
dad: natali i know
natali: dad that has caffeine
dad: thats ok
natali: dad are you going to get wired?
dad: yes
natali: (this part is just in my head) dad do you know what it means to be wired? what else does he know about...but i didnt press the issue because i bet my mom was uncomfortable with all that caffeine talk.
i decided i have put too much time into my apartment to ever consider moving. fortunately i learned i can comfortably fit five adults and a toddler around my coffee table. i sat on a stool by myself. i am sort of the least favorite. or the slowest to try and secure a good spot at the coffee table.
so now i am watching a lot like love now. the plot is that amanda peet has to have sex with someone after every break up to make sure she still has it and that person is always ashton kucher. they spit on each other in a chinese restaurant in between the sex. so yeah its a pretty good show i recommend it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

i have little use for love poems

i think about my writing sometimes. i won two poetry contests in elementary school and had a short story published in the Springville Herald in junior high. so yeah i guess you could say i took writing very seriously from the ages 5-14. i remember thinking that grammar trees were probably going to ruin my writing (i was nervous it would streamline how i wrote) so i refused to turn in any homework assignments that involved them. that was the only time i didnt turn in homework. i liked school. i still feel pretty strongly about certain forms of writing. commas, who needs them? maybe i do. but they do not come naturally to me. something that does come naturally to me would be the passive voice. i personally prefer it. when i write i try to write everything in passive voice and then i rewrite it so that is active because i know my boss wont like if its passive. but its so much better passive. my friend jessica totally agrees with me. she was an english major and knew what she was talking about. she also agrees with me that reading is a bigger waste of time than tv. back to the passive voice. who cares if the actor is anonymous. use your imagination. i like it when the subject is acted on instead of being the actor. i like "be" and its variations. oh and dont forget double verbs. i am crazy about verbs. honestly if you dont like the passive voice i think you are a lazy reader. there i said it. but even worse than passive voice haters are people who frown on run on sentences. i am obsessed with them. i was in a writing class and they said run on sentences demonstrate a lack of discipline, editing and concern for the reader. lack of discipline? whatever i am programmed to throw in a periods every 10-15 words. it takes a lot of effort to make a truly great run on sentence. editing? i was an editor in law school. it was a funny story i will have to tell it sometime. and lack of concern for the reader. well that might be true. i have written this whole post and there is only one paragraph. and i dont even care.

happy flag day.

pretty much the best day ever.

Monday, June 04, 2007

my favorite days are art city days.

where am i you ask? oh that is scenic springville utah. during art city days. the most special days in springville because we have a carnival and a parade and we all chip in for about five fireworks. art city days are this friday and saturday. i was wondering if anyone wanted to go to the carnival friday night (after my high school reunion). the carnival features scones and homemade rootbeer and lots of below average but overly priced rides. one year a ride broke and a seat from a swinging chair ride flew into the library. they almost shut it down because of gang related activity (i believe my neighbor saw someone with a red bandana and a tatoo in 1993). and they usually only have pink cotton candy. and i made out on the ferris wheel one year. the crafts arent great but sometimes there is some good jewelry.

anyway does anyone want to go?