Thursday, February 03, 2011

if i didnt have self control

something i like about the new year: you are allowed to write down the wrong year because you havent adjusted.

something i hate about the new year: you are only allowed to get the year confused with the prior year.

this is my old bike it got stolen. someone(s) stole it. probably for drugs. and by drugs i mean a pack of cigarettes because thats all your getting for my shitty pink bike.

take that thieves!

they took it.

other things that have been stolen of mine include: my other bike. yes thats right i have already been victimized. i refuse to attach to another bike ever again. my new bike is great (not pictured). but i refuse to love it. so jaded.

well enough about my trust issues. i have a cough that i trust will never go away.