Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Ex Tv Bfs

This post was inspired by Cicada
Sawyer from LOST
Why I shouldnt have liked him: he is an asshole
Why I did like him: he is an asshole. also, i love how patriotic he is. he is the only one who is a good american on the whole damn island. he is keeping capitalism alive and well. by hoarding away all the guns, meds, anything of value and then forcing his co-islanders to barter and trade in life or death situation for the supplies...he brings the american dream to the island. some of you may say thats not fair, sawyer is just taking the other passengers possessions and then forcing them to buy them back (jack would probably say that. i hate jack). but i think the pilgrams had a similar system with the native amercians. so i like sawyer. because he is an american (actually no its because he takes his shirt off ALOT).

Michael Knight from Project Runway
Why i shouldnt have liked him: he is a workaholic and as a designer has a lot of self absorbed potential.

Why i did like him: because he made one of my favorite outfits on this season of project runway. and i thought it was cute that he gave kayne the heads up whenever kayne's dresses took a turn for the hookerish (most of the time). and damn that boy can accessorize.

Why we broke up: since he is no longer on tv it feels like we have really grown apart. i am not that in to long distance relationships so we called it off.

seth cohen from the OC
Why i shouldnt have liked him: because i love him and summer together and i would never want to come between their magical relationship.
Why i did like him: seth is by far my most long term tv boyfriend (it lasted 2 1/2 seasons). i love him so much. he is nerdy and witty and skinny and tall....the perfect boy.
Why we broke up: it started around when seth missed his boston college interview and started smoking pot. i couldnt bear to see him throw away his life like that. oh and he might be gay. it was recently brought to my attention that he and ryan are very close (like in love close)...seth did freak out and run away when ryan left. the story checks out. so maybe i dont want to come between ryan and seth...

Monday, November 20, 2006

birthday blog

it was my birthday on november 3rd and as we all know i feel strongly about birthdays. my grandpa had two birthdays and i was always so jealous. you might say hey how did that happen. it wasnt one of those things were he was born close to midnight and they werent sure or whatever. mostly his mom had a really bad memory (she swore it was march 10) and/or there was a typo on his birth certificate (which reads march 9). so anyway he had two birthdays.

highlights of age 27 include:
1) i like odd numbers so much more than even
2) i passed the bar...wait that was 26
3) i bought an icecream maker

yeah it was kind of a sucky year. which is why i have such high hopes for 28. i think its going to be awesome. and this is how i know. last year my roommates took me to Aladdin's my favorite Mediterranean restaurant and then i went home for a surprise party,which had both a craft table AND costco cake. it was seriously so rad and one of my favorite birthdays of all time. furthermore, i flew home to get sworn in after passing the bar and my family had this great party for me and lots of friends were magically in town including becky and everyone came by and we had a really fun time. anyway, the year that followed more or less sucked. its because my birthday was so great.

which is why my birthday this year gives me so much hope for a great year ahead. my roommates were going to a relief society retreat so i thought there was a decent chance i was going to be alone on my birthday but last minute colleen bribed warren into taking me to vegas... were we got a flat tire and spent 3 hours in a casino parking garage. no one in my family actually wanted to have a birthday party for me except for my mom (thanks mom). two weeks after my birthday she managed to guilt every family member into coming over for my birthday dinner which consisted of dinner in a pumpkin (pictured below). sadly, my mom added way too much sugar and i couldnt eat any (pre-diabetic). furthermore, all my friends have moved away and no one was visiting or around so for like the first time in like 28 years it was just my family and we all know how i feel about strictly family events. yikes. anyway, over all i had bad birthday karma.... which equals fantastic year.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

what music television has taught me

now that i have all the time in the world to dedicate to MTV programming i would just like to list some of the life lessons that i have learned in the last week or so.

first, laguna beach. i have learned a helluva lot about friendship. its almost like i dont even know where to begin. like when breanna (l.c.'s little sister) wrote a note to raquel/rocky about mending their friendship and then raquel/rocky went over and they resolved to be friends no matter what tessa thought. tessa has been holding everyone back. i am not sure how because i have only seen 3/4ths of an episode but as far as i can tell she just doesnt want people to be happy. i hate tessa. but she has great hair.

second, real world road rules challenge "the duel". i have learned a lot about love just from the commercials for real world road rules challenge "the duel". i just think its so great that nehemiah and beth are totally in love. like for the first time ever beth just really likes a boy and or another person or something that isnt evil and its so sweet that she does nice things like trying to form something that resembles emotional attachment (sex). i mean its taken beth like 29 seasons of the real world road rules challenge to open up like this. i am just glad i had the foresight to keep watching or i would have missed out on this amazing development.

parental control. what HAVENT i learned from this show. i mean even though its scripted the underlying themes of love, jealously, disappointment, apathy and crazy teenage passion are just so strong. its like reading the bell jar and catcher but without the mental breakdowns. although each episode is more or less the same (the plot=disenchanted parents interview potential dates for their teenager because they hate boy/girlfriend, each parent picks a date for their teenager, parents watch the dates with teenager's boy/girlfriend that they hate, trash talk between parents and boy/girl friend (usually involving sexual experiences with teenager and hated boy/girl friend), teenager goes on date and likes both dates (ALWAYS), has a hard time deciding (ALWAYS), but usually picks old boy/girl friend much to parents dismay and pain (old boy/girlfriend fondle teenager in front of parents)) i come away from each episode better able to recognize what is really important in relationships. also, i just think its great that parents are taking interest in their childrens lives. it really gives me hope for america. that and the dems took over congress. maybe i have reasons to wake up in the morning (but probably not).

Thursday, November 02, 2006

unemploydo. its spanish for unemployed.

i know everyone is dying to know how my first week of unemployment went and if i have found a job and/or plunged into the depression that is sure to engulf me when i realize that i have no financial security and no reason to wake up...and the answer is no to both questions.

i have mostly been trying to keep myself busy to avoid said depression. i went to a museosaur (that is what aaron calls the dinosaur museum) in my backyard in St. George. i took a photo with Dr. Johnson for proof of said visit (pictured above). i felt really bad for dr. johnson. he was going to make a fortune building an apartment complex for dixie coeds when he stumbled upon a dino fossil. and instead of hurrying and covering it up he actually told people about it. what a nut. i never really figured out how he knew it was a fossil. i spent 14 minutes trying to see them they just looked like random rock markings to me. which led me to believe maybe i have no future in archeology. or animal tracking. or anything that requires spacial organization.
i also went to brigham young's winter house in st george and learned a lot about cotton and silk worms. also, there were some pretty cool quilts there but the sister missionary didnt know if they were originals. she knew lots of other stuff though so don't be too hard on her.
i went hiking to snow canyon which was named after one of the 12 apostles when it was settled. i learned that at brother brigham's house.
i moved for ninth time in two years. i am pretty good at it. i have packing down to an art. maybe i do have spacial organzation after all.
i have also watched every episode of gilmore girls and the office. if you are ever unemployed access to cable and tivo are key. that is my unemployed tip of the day.
with a schedule like this i am sure to ward off the depression for 3 maybe 4 more days.