Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i have the wrong zip

i missed my cousin emmy's birthday. i know because i had this conversation with her yesterday.

me: i called you fifty times* why didnt you answer. i had a pumpkin cookie disaster/miracle.

emmy: yeah sorry i have twins.

me: oh yeah thats right. (i went on to explain in depth how i lost half of the pumpkin cookie recipie and had to improvise and ended up adding extra eggs, pumpkin and salt and guessing on all the dry ingrediants AND it turned out ok) (its a long story)(but i think i tell it well).

emmy: that is a miracle.

me: i know right. its my birthday soon.

emmy: oh yeah when is that.

me: oh no i just realized its the end of october. i missed your birthday.

emmy: its fine i can never remember if yours is the 5th or 6th.

me: its the 3rd. what day is yours. the 18th? the 25th?

emmy: you are just kidding right?

me: the 23rd. its probably the 23rd.

emmy: the 20th.

happy birthday emmy.

*i really only called 3 times but i called rose another 4 times so it felt like fifty combined.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

dogs can be angels but probably arent.

my father, in a fit of sentimentality, which he later admitted, told me thinking back i wasnt that high maintenance after all.

strange because all i have been thinking about is getting a new bed and tv. and i want nice ones not crappy ones that are hard to sleep on or ones that are bright and orange.

well that isnt all i have been thinking about. i have also been thinking long and hard about my skin. i think if my skin was better everything in my life would be fixed. that might be a paranoid delusion. but i dont think it is. i think really if my skin was better everything in my life would be fixed.

Monday, October 20, 2008

my pants have pockets

i talk to myself a lot when i am sewing. i think its pretty normal. you know. its nice to bounce ideas off people even if its just yourself. i never really got nervous about it until i had this conversation (in my head):

me: i think i want this quilt to be primarily solid squares.
me: yeah me too!

hmmmm. that might explain why i have been wanting to watch sybil lately.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

everyday im in the whitehouse

jo and i went to a quilt show in odgen.

i liked this transportation one.

i liked this circly one.

i liked this one too. and i learned a 14 year old made it.

i have a strong preference for squares (in boys and quilts). anyway after the show we ate at taco taco. the end.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

holiday greetings from the bags out

i got a new hair cut...

and my celebrity look a like is...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

arent you just full of comments.

i had a dream last night. i was at a hearing and the judge spoke a different language. i am always nervous judges will ask me things i dont know and i wont be able to bull shit in a timely manner. however, i found it much less intimidating when the judge couldnt speak english. i remember wearing a grey suit and telling the insurance company (represented by a girl in my ward who used to teach sunday school) that their defense was racist.

this is sort of similar to the actual hearing i had today. except for no one was racist and the judge spoke fluent english. i know because we had this interaction.

Judge: Do you know the location of your client?
me: i dont know. but i think he is in argentina.
judge: What have you done to locate him?
me: i asked his friends. they think he is in argentina.
Judge: Are you really comfortable settling your clients case without consulting him?
me: yes. (i dont sweat this kind of stuff).
Judge: (awkward silence).

the only really exciting part was before i was up to discuss how i dont really care about client rights someones cell phone went off and the lady actually answered and started talking. i saved the day by telling her she should leave. i think you can get fined for shit like that.