Monday, December 31, 2007

what are the odds of them leaving you on new years

well hello. i am taking a bit of the a break from the blog. hard to tell for how long but who knows maybe it will be better than ever when its back.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

sort of makes you want to reproduce doesnt it

ok here is my most recent competed quilt. i made it for a friend who is having a baby girl. it was probably the first quilt i actually designed myself.

here is the front and back.


and back.

Friday, December 28, 2007

you arent to be trusted with your own love life

we have christmas pudding. its pretty good. and i got a bedazzler.

dougie got these t shirts for christmas. they are japanese illustrations of scientific principles. the green one is significantly harder. i didnt get it. even when i learned what it was. go ahead and guess its fun. (dougie and i think the red one might also be an illustration about heaven).

i think i have seen a movie everyday of this christmas break. sunday i watched bad santa with fight and brian. it was a good feel holiday movie. on christmas eve i watched charlie wilsons war with dougie. we liked it. i think its worth seeing. dougie hasnt seen no country for old men and somehow almost talked me into going with him. i considered it but then i remembered it scared the hell out of me. on christmas i went to the golden compass with my little brother. i liked it. i like those demons. they are cute. i wish i had a demon. yesterday i watched ratatouille with dougie and his parents. um i liked it. when i wasnt dry heaving. rats in the kitchen...i dont care how good of cooks they are that just cant be sanitary ... thursday was sweeny todd and it was the best musical i have seen in a long time. and today bexy and i saw juno. what a treat. we are trying to decide if our parents would be more upset if we got knocked up in high school or now. i think now for sure. but thank goodness i have my plan which of course is to pretend to move to another state and never speak to them again in the event i reproduce out of wedlock.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

i guess you will have to fill in the rest of the holes yourself

i have been watching movies since the holiday break started. its only been two days. i watched atonement first. i am going to discuss the plot of it starting NOW for those of you who dont like to know what happens in movies. quite frankly i would have liked to know the plot of no country for old men before i began watching it but everyone is different. atonement is a pretty movie and the highlight was kera knightleys wardrobe. the plot summary is this:

rich girls shuns hired help boy her whole life
hired help boy sends rich girl a note about her genitalia
rich girl and hired help boy have sex in the library and the rich girls rich little sister walks in on them.

the rest of the plot is so boring i am not even going to write about it. it was around that point i wished we had gone to margot at the wedding.

so margot at the wedding was the next day. i went with clay and becky. clay hated it becky mostly didnt like it and i liked it. becky said she was wishing she was in juno the whole time. who wasnt? teenage sex/pregnancy is so glamorous these days. anyway my favorite line was i wouldnt let anyone else hold you as a baby, i am starting to think that might have been a mistake. actually, the mistake was allowing the movie to become so over the top that you started to hate everyone/thing in it. and then the hate seeped over to other people in the theater and eventually humanity in general. anyway it was pretty good.

today in church sugarcube left early and as a christmas present to himself. i asked if that was what he was giving Jesus. he said no. i dont know what i am getting Jesus this year. i will probably just wait and see what he gets me.

i am trying to decide if that last sentence pushed the line of sacrilege i normally try not to cross. i am also trying to decide if i can get out of spending christmas eve with my family. and finally i am trying to decide what to do with my $25 settlement i received from being in the class action law suit for my credit card usage in england six years ago.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

some say the world will end in fire

my great aunt is refusing hawaii and alaska quarters. my parents were with her when she made this declaration. the conversation (supposedly) went as follows:

mom (mine): i love collecting state quarters (she is very close to having them all).
great aunt: i am done.
mom: but you dont have alaska or hawaii
great aunt: (apparently made a motion of disgust with her hand) they dont count.
dad (mine): hawaii was made a state in 1898 (this is true) and alaska...sometime after that (you can tell he is a teacher with a diplomatic personality).
mom: they ARE states. dont be silly. (my mother is incredibly loyal, patriotic and a little dismissive).
great aunt: i dont need them. (i assume at this point she started grumbling about fat people. that wasnt confirmed but it is more or less a given).


its hard to have to choose between a controlling/withholding vampire and an immature/sexually assaulting werewolf. but lets just say i will be sporting a TEAM JACOB t-shirt as soon as they become available.


i have been carbonation free for three days (although in the spirit of blog honesty i am drinking the last diet squirt in my fridge as i write this). i am miserable. i dont know how to make this better. brian said to get a new addiction(s) but that is easier said than done. i was so happy with carbonation. i know we had some problems. it was rotting off my enamel. probably depleting my calcium. oh yes and irritating the hell out of those holes in my stomach. but i will be damned if i dont think about drinking carbonation all the time. for the love no one offer me drugs.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

i prefer to give inhabitants a say

my boss recently told me the secret to dating was faking an interest in sports. in fact faking all your interests. i said i had been taking a similar approach only i fake having no interests. really all that is important is that you fake something.

my friend fight was recently wrong about my interests lately. we were texting about nicknames and dr. knife. he said dr. knife sang songs about wanting to be the new satan and killed God and hung out with the old satan and how i would like it. when i didnt respond for awhile (because i was at lunch arguing with shane about whether i hate everything he loves) fight sent me a reassuring text that it is just music and none of that stuff really happened.

i am really interested in quilting. but its boring to talk about. unless you are in my quilt class. the conversation last week went something like this:
49 year old lady in my quilting class (resembles betty crocker): my boss is very uptight about driving with me alone. he said is improper.
65 year old quilting instructor: what does he think will happen?
49: i am not sure should i be offended? natali does this ever happen to you?
natali: sure. its part of the reason why women attorneys have a hard time advancing in their careers. male partners wont take them to lunch or golf because they think it will look inappropriate. does anyone have any more of that red material?
49: well i dont like it very much. i am not sure why he is so uptight.
65: sounds like what he needs is a blow job.
49: seriously it would do him a world of good.
natali: about that red material...

Monday, December 03, 2007

its always been wait and see

there arent enough crafts in the world.

(or sprinkles).