Saturday, July 26, 2008

if you happen to go to mexico

its been an exciting week for me. from a consumer prospective. first of all i bought this bowl i really liked at DI. i wasnt sure what to do with it.

until i bought this shit load of fabric (i know i know i need more fabric like i need a hole somewhere) but it was a great sale.

i didnt actually buy or make this quilt. and this picture doesnt do it justice. my mom showed it to me and said i made this 30 years ago and have never used which point i said you know i am taking that home with me... and my mom said i dont know...and i said too bad....and she said maybe i will use it...and i said yeah when you come to my house.

oh and i got a serger. i have no idea what to do with it besides look at it suspiciously. (it was free with...)

this! and here is my new baby. i love her. more than most things.

Friday, July 18, 2008

well pardon me all over the place

recently, i started a program funded by my parents where i let them take me to lunch. on tuesday. its aptly named tuesday lunches with my parents. its to make up for me not wanting to go to their house. and despite every assurance that this isnt personal they keep taking it personally so i let them buy me a garden burger and tell me springville gossip. recently, my little brother joined the lunch group. although im not sure why we let him in because unlike myself he is a wonderful child who spends plenty of quality time with the family. this was the conversation we had last tuesday:
me: i might come over tomorrow...wait never mind i remembered i dont want to.
mom: please come over!
me: no.
mom: please...there are some love letters at the house im only giving you if you come over.
me: i dont want them.
mom: fine. george (my dad) dont give her her mail until she comes over.
dad: shrug (indicating he wanted no part of this conversation).
me: that may be a federal offense. anyway i really just dont like the spare bed.
mom: when you get married i will get a new bed.
trevor: but why does it matter if she is married? it doesnt help her now.
me: obviously this is another example of single people discrimination.
mom: do you want to go to the folk fest?
me: cant say that i do.
mom: we can go. trevor has a date and we can spy on him.
me: now this just got interesting. (but it didnt because no one would tell me who he was going with or why he was taking her to the folk fest).
mom: pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.
me: i think the love letter approach was pretty funny. but ineffective. and no.

also. my boss keeps asking me about what he (the bishop) should talk about at girls camp. in fact i just got off the phone with him on this very matter. not the pressing legal conversation you might have imagined. anyway, i told him to use the penny analogy. he of course asked what the penny analogy is. i told him im not sure but i got a penny at girls camp and i was supposed to remain pure like a penny and then give it to my husband when we got married. my boss said that it didnt make sense. and i agreed. money is soooo dirty. anyway he asked if i lost my penny. and i said yes but in all fairness its an oil crisis so i probably just spent it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

some civil servants are like loved ones

first of all i like my nephew so much and i think he is maybe the funniest kid i have ever met. its widely rumored that when asked if he loves me he says "you know i do." he calls my little brother uncle treasure and he likes to sit on rocks. anyway i asked him to pose for a picture and i got these two looks. i think tyra banks would agree that he is super versatile and that he works that crayon.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

talk nerdy to me

i remembered tonight that i never ever want to go to antarctica.

dear b you have been winning many friend awards with me lately but i suspect our two hearts beat as one after wanted. actually i am not sure when our hearts synchronized but it probably had something to do with the angelina jolies skull. i tell everyone i know twice about how awesome that movie is was and will always be.

sometimes when i go sewing machine shopping the sales people dont take me seriously when i say i want a "cute" machine. say something with some cherries and a kitten. where can i find that?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

those rats explode!

if you wake up and its humid its probably because your apartment is flooding. i wrote this post awhile back. and i liked it awhile back. but lets see how i like it now.

i have ocd like everyone else i know. i, specifically, dont like hands touching my food. unfortunately for me hands are constantly touching food. i can temper the effects of hands by a great deal of hand washing, occasionally breathing techniques and if i had it medication.* i dont have it.

but its fine. except that i am becoming increasingly concerned that i have an elitist disorder. i doubt most people (i am counting the entire population) have the luxury of indulging in any sort of food/hand phobia. it is my understanding that much of the world doesnt have running water or plumbing so it seems like me being grossed out about hands touching food seems pretty trivial and a tad snobbish. in the scheme of things. i feel like the concept applies to anyone with extreme food regulations or that takes most groups of food or types of food out of their diets.** as we all know lots of people dont have enough to eat. the kids in africa get mentioned quite a bit.*** im not sure if its wrong but it seems somehow superior to not eat something because its cooked or there is an animal product somewhere in it. food indicates class and status for every person on a more regular basis than most things (approximately three times a day) making it something i really think about. but what do i know. im not that nice. for example yesterday my mom bought a wrinkled flag to put in the front yard and i told her it was illegal to iron it.

* you were probably about to suggest anti bacterial. i dont like it. but i appreciate the suggestion.
**you know who you are.
***this is a very similar argument to the one made by american parents to get their kids to finish their meals and my mother believes it is the reason why many kids are obese.