Wednesday, January 24, 2007

wrangler butts drive me nuts

i love wranglers. they really are great jeans. in fact they rank in my all time favorite jeans (i ranked my top five favorite jeans tonight with my sexually ambiguous friend with rad hair that sold me the wranglers. he owns those smokey hudsons in womens. i am pretty jealous). i knew given enough time and prayers on my part that i would finally find my very own wranglers.
i began searching for wranglers that would met my jean needs early in 2002. my patience has finally paid off. i hear wranglers are gaining some recognition in europe although that hot austrian engineering phd student that sat next to me on a flight home from dc couldnt verify if wranglers were in austria (he was too busy being super smart).
anyway if anyone else is in the market there is the cutest mini skirt that maybe i have ever seen. ever. and some great cords in red. all great wrangler choices.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

24 ways to improve 24 (or 3)

i have never really watched 24. i think its kind of an interesting idea though. one hour per episode and then one day is the whole season and one spy who saves the world in that one day. to bad the actual show isnt interesting.

i have never really watched the show but i find myself already bored with it (this is coming from a girl that isnt bored by the real world). i did view the season premiere with the rest of america. but i must say unlike the rest of america i couldnt see what all the hype was about. like jack is the ultra hero who sacrifices everything for his country and is just itching to get out of Chinese prison where he is being tortured so that he can be tortured by the arabs because that MEANS something but when the torture loses its meaning he escapes so that he can save LA from the seemingly nice arab family terrorist cell next-store before they can bomb the nearest subway. ok besides the fact i found the entire plot racist and contrived....perhaps the biggest offense was that it was boring. the whole thing is just too easy.

now here are MY ideas for 24.

jack turns against america and kills all those really annoying fbi guys and half the staff at the white house and he maims the president before retiring in thailand and starting a chain of hamburger restaurants. he wants to convert to mormonism but decides he cant stop drinking coffee.

jack is about to stop a bomb from going on that will kill like EVERYONE and he gets appendicitis and is like THIS is how it ends and has to deal with meaningless death (like everyone else). and said bomb goes off. (i also toy with the idea of him getting food poisoning or falling in the shower). i like this idea a lot because jack dies and LA gets blown up (which my friend todd said is part of the appeal of 24, seeing LA get blown up bit by bit).

tony blair is pissed that his affiliation with george bush has ruined his career so he starts sending over little old british ladies to poison all the water supplies in america. somehow this story line involves tea. i am not sure how. and by the time jack figures out who the real enemy is its too late. besides he cant bring himself to kill the british lady terrorists because they remind him of his granny.

ok those are my only ideas so far. but i find them more interesting than the current plot which i could have written in my sleep (when i was in law school i used to write papers and memos in my sleep. they were all really bad. as is 24). stay tuned for my thoughts on greys anatomy. which is shittier than 24. who knew it was possible.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

another childhood dream dashed

so today on the way to work i really really wanted a diet coke. i am not sure i can practice law without it. so at will's pit stop i picked up a Tab because i figured it was made by coke, had caffeine and aspartame and came in a stripy pink can which meet almost all my requirements for a good beverage. also as a young child i totally wanted to drink Tab so bad but i knew i had to wait until i grew up because my mom was an orthodox mormon. so i figured today was as good a day as any to finally try it. anyway. my mom was right, tab is wrong just not in the way she thinks. mostly because its like the grossest drink ever. it tastes a little like caramelized nails (the metal kind not the fingernail kind).

i should have taken that diet pepsi.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

new years resolution(s)

i am keeping it pretty simple this year. although some have suggested perhaps finding a job i like or being in a stable, loving relationship as potential goals i dismissed them pretty quickly and came up with these much more manageable and probably in the long run much more accomplishable goals of:

1) only drink diet coke at movies OR while eating asian food. (so far this one is sticking and i am pretty damn proud of myself. and its not as arbitrary as it sounds. i really just like diet coke with popcorn and pad thai)

2) which brings me to goal number two. although i have often tried to stop swearing i am getting serious about not swearing in places such as church (it only happened once) or in front of my family (happened twice just last month). so i am off the swears in holy places and/or in the presence of blood relatives.

i have my sincere doubts on whether new years should ever be used as a serious goal time for the following reasons. nothing really changes so if you think the new year will be magically different and all of a sudden you will kick your addition to meth because you have new years luck...i have my doubts(also i have no idea how addictive meth is or how hard it is to get over. but i have been thinking about it lately because i think my parents neighbors have a meth lab guarded day and night by 3 large dobermans). also, new years is directly followed by january. which is the most dreary, depressing, and uninspiring month of the year and if your goal takes too much energy you will quickly succumb to seasonal depression (SAD). today in relief society the teacher said that in some cultures people used to break pinatas to get rid of the devil and the 7 deadly sins. turns out she is right. turns out next year i am totally having a pinata at whatever lame new years party i end up at. and maybe after that we can all watch pinata: survial island probably the best movie ever made where one of the main charachters is a pinata.

Friday, January 05, 2007

january 5, 2007

so today i decided that God actually does want me alive. i know this because i almost DIED. but not really. well maybe. anyway i was driving on the freeway behind a large semi (i guess they are all large) when large chunks of ice came off said semi and onto honda's windshield. i thought the glass was breaking but luckily (unluckily?)it just cracked. ALOT. visibility is poor to impossible on the passenger side.

i was pretty scared.

anyway, it was day of strange luck. after my near death experience i went to a movie with brian. then i went to DI and found some rockin republics for $8. and then when i went to pay for the jeans i realized i didnt have my wallet. the thought of canceling all my credit cards was worse than dying on the freeway. anyway, my wallet was at the movie theatre (seriously miracle after miracle) and my jeans are on my ass.

so it was a pretty good day after all.