Wednesday, March 02, 2011

i am like the queen of england

first of all: charlie sheen has lost it. but he has found a drug that doesn't show up on a drug test because he was high as a kite last night on that interview.

second of all: i want a solid couple name with richie. if you have a good couple name its a good indicator of how compatible you are. right? i'm not sure how relationships work.

does anyone have any ideas? here are the possible flavor combinations that we have come up with thus far (richie and natali(e)*)

1) richie (rich + ie) richie came up with that
2) natali (nata +ie) i came up with that

*or purposes of this exercise pretend my mother spelled my name in the traditional manner it makes more sense

Thursday, February 03, 2011

if i didnt have self control

something i like about the new year: you are allowed to write down the wrong year because you havent adjusted.

something i hate about the new year: you are only allowed to get the year confused with the prior year.

this is my old bike it got stolen. someone(s) stole it. probably for drugs. and by drugs i mean a pack of cigarettes because thats all your getting for my shitty pink bike.

take that thieves!

they took it.

other things that have been stolen of mine include: my other bike. yes thats right i have already been victimized. i refuse to attach to another bike ever again. my new bike is great (not pictured). but i refuse to love it. so jaded.

well enough about my trust issues. i have a cough that i trust will never go away.