Sunday, December 24, 2006

merry christmas my mom doesnt know who i am

my mother told me for christmas this year that she didnt know me (in that she couldnt think of anything i like). specifically, after 28 years she doesnt know what i like to eat and/or do. she realized her lack of knowledge regarding me (her only daughter) while trying to find me presents for my stocking (there is no santa).

i dont think the eating thing is that hard. i like to drink diet coke and ham.

and does she not know about how i like jeans? and for christmas i think she should have tried to stuff my stocking with a pair of jordache jeans. i am pretty excited that jordache is attempting a comeback (with fairly reasonable prices ranging from 30-150 american dollars).

jordache jeans have been around since 1978 (which was the year i was born...maybe i should remind my mom) and were some of (if not the first) designer jeans. anyway, why i think jordache jeans have a special place in my heart is because they started the tight jean trend marketed for both men and women (didnt go over as well for men). i like jordache jeans so much more than contempories such as calvin klein (they WILL make your ass look bad) and Guess? (guess what they suck) and i do not support their comebacks.

anyway, i wrote down a pretty comprehensive list of my likes, dislikes and allergies for my mother. she is going to be pretty excited that pollen doesnt really affect me anymore.

Friday, December 15, 2006

jean pick of the week

we all know my materialistic self manifests itself in the form of denim. and these are my new favorite ones. they are they best hudsons because they are smokey. (i think smokey is one of the most versatile colors in denim but i have been told i am wrong on this) and i like them significantly more than the new smokey citizens which i cant find online for everyone to compare so you will just have to trust me that they are way better (although rose said she likes them just as well). i also like that hudsons are not carried at nordstrom anymore so we can all feel great about buying some. so if anyone is in the market for jeans with the british flag on the ass, i think these are the ones for you.