Saturday, November 10, 2007

with as skinny as you are you are going to have to eat tomorrow

so today i woke up thinking something was wrong. like someone just told me bad news but no one did. then i read my horoscope which said this:

A stronger sense of nervousness can guide you towards greater caution, Natali.

what the hell? if there is one thing i do not need its a stronger sense of nervousness what with my recent ulcer diagnosis.

i think the following things have contributed to the ominous feeling:

1) that movie i watched about corruption in brazil that made me lose my faith in humanity
2) the fact that i thought i might get fired because i got a piercing and lost so much time working because of said ulcer and maybe because i suck at my job (recently i discussed with reno should never agree to working on weekends. it went like this)

3:28 PM me: oh you should take lessons from me
i am barely employable
i can't picture you at work
is that weird?
dave and i were actually talking about it
me: what?
reno: he was like... do you think natali's funny at work?
or do you think she has to be serious all the time

if playing scrabble and writing memos is funny then i am a hoot. my paralegal is way funnier than i am. i have been writing down every way she uses the f word in case i have time to write a book about paralegal humor.
3) its not the weather. the weather makes me really happy.
4) it may have been the moon. arent peoples moods affected by the moon. that might just be menstrual cycles. which in turn affects your mood.
5) ANTM was particularly creepy. we thought heather might be dying. or turning into a vampire.

(also i had a really nice birthday. ck came into town and tried to find me a booty call. she did a pretty good job. her picks included the 19 year old kid at the pizza place by my house (although i did take a picture of him serving alcohol in case i ever have to prove to the cops i thought he was 21)(i dont) and jesse the piercer. who is surprising cute and nice for someone who likes to put needles through other people).

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ck said...

i still think my favorite part of the jesse the piercer experience was when he said “i’m going to stand this close to you, is that okay?” and nat said “sure – just don’t show me what you’re using to put a hole in my nose.” it was straight out of a romance novel.