Thursday, September 25, 2008

hey i got your post it

like all not-really-serious blog writers who only sort of like their blog i occasionally think of ideas to make it better. in fact i had this conversation (in my head) with david foster wallace just today:

n: first of all can i just say how sorry i was to hear you died.
dfw: oh really?
n: yeah. i really liked your stuff. alot. it really affected me and how i thought about writing and really changed my point of view on a lot of things and shit. and you seemed great. just great. (im sorry im really nervous to even be having this fake conversation with you) (blush).
dfw: oh dont worry you are doing just fine. but i thought you only read three essays.
n: thats true. once i said i read infinite jest but i realized i thought it was another book. sorry.
dfw: dont sweat it. its too long to take seriously.
n: no no thats not it its just those vampire books came out and you know.... anyway, as a writer i really value your opinion, do you think there is anything i could do to possibly make my blog better?
dfw: more pictures.

i think dfw is probably right.

but i am willing to take other people's thoughts into consideration. for instance i came upon this comment on a post on someone elses blog about a post i had composed some time back.

Other than the stylistic elements that seem intended to drive readers away (centered justification, no capitalization, illegible blog title), I wouldn't be too concerned about it.

(thats exactly my approach. the concern part.)

...I read it as somebody incorrectly interpreting self-discovery as societal trend (as we are all wont to do at times). As I see it, the author is discovering her attitude towards an issue and then (apparently unbeknownst to her) projecting her internal thought processes onto the external world, resulting in her observing for the first time societal approaches to that issue -- approaches which were previously opaque* to her, since prior to such self-discovery she lacked the internal discernment requisite to perceiving such different approaches. Of course, the approaches are not recent; the only recent phenomenon is her self-discovery...

this part is less interesting. because it doesnt make much sense. but it sounds like something that should make sense and that always impresses me. probably because it reminds me of my job. anyway, if i am looking for more help (or perhaps some therapy for that self discovery process) with my writing i should probably just stick to dfw.

* i particularly like this sentence although i must say i didnt care for it the first couple of times i read it. it grows on you.


brian said...

i do love a long sentence with multiple clauses and asides but too many multi-syllabled words and too much punctuation. it's just smacks of too much effort but it does take some effort to obscure weak and unintelligible thoughts by big words and seemingly complicated sentences.

but i also understand. i do the same thing all the time.

brian said...

i meant too many multi-syllabled words and too much punctuation in the sentence quoted in the blog. i also should have used with instead of by in my second sentence in my previous comment.

natali said...

it really does take some effort. and its always flattering when someone tries to psychoanalyze your blog. or i guess i should say you based on your blog. i wish it happened more often.

but i do get the distinct impression he didnt read my post at all. but i understand. the center justification can be a pain.

marshall p said...

I'm thirsty.

natali said...

this is not natalie - its tanya.... and i was laughing so hard just now that i think i spit on natalie's computer.