Thursday, October 02, 2008

arent you just full of comments.

i had a dream last night. i was at a hearing and the judge spoke a different language. i am always nervous judges will ask me things i dont know and i wont be able to bull shit in a timely manner. however, i found it much less intimidating when the judge couldnt speak english. i remember wearing a grey suit and telling the insurance company (represented by a girl in my ward who used to teach sunday school) that their defense was racist.

this is sort of similar to the actual hearing i had today. except for no one was racist and the judge spoke fluent english. i know because we had this interaction.

Judge: Do you know the location of your client?
me: i dont know. but i think he is in argentina.
judge: What have you done to locate him?
me: i asked his friends. they think he is in argentina.
Judge: Are you really comfortable settling your clients case without consulting him?
me: yes. (i dont sweat this kind of stuff).
Judge: (awkward silence).

the only really exciting part was before i was up to discuss how i dont really care about client rights someones cell phone went off and the lady actually answered and started talking. i saved the day by telling her she should leave. i think you can get fined for shit like that.


brian said...

i really liked the swearing and the accusing people of being racists

natali said...

those were probably the best parts.

oh that and when i flashed the jury.

brian said...

and i dont hate all suits or all people who wear suits. just people in suits who are trying to scam other people.

natali said...

sometimes i think boys look cute in suits.

Colls said...

my only question is did the judge look like judge judy?