Sunday, November 16, 2008

i like mice

i actually dont like mice that much. they are ok. i was telling colls that i was going to post a blog about how when you turn 30 you get a lot of cake. i told colls i was going to call my next blog 6 cakes and she said really shouldnt it be called i like mice or something? i said good point. also i technically only had 5 and one of those todd just made for a dinner party and brought over the delicious remainder BUT i got a candle and a wish so i counted it.

this one was festive.
this one contained tasty TAB (compliments of elin) and it says NAT when turned the correct way.

bean helped me blow out the candles. truth be told i did all the work.

and this was my work cake although technically no one was in the office to enjoy it so i just sent it home with a co worker.
todd's delicious rose water something cake.

and im thirty.


Anonymous said...

So, I seriously love your hair--maybe it's time for me to chop mine again. And, I'm not so far behind you in the cake count.

B. said...

The last three years I have gotten zero cake on my birthday.

natali said...

the key is losing a lot of weight. people just want to give you lots of cake.

syrenka its been way too long. lunch???

Erik said...

we're old. i'm older. no cake could ever beat the cake(s!) that you and muriel made for me with the burning stuff and army men all over it. *sigh*

natali said...

sometimes i worry that that cake may have classified as a hate crime.

marshall p said...

dirty thirty! you can be in my club!

natali said...

oh nice. i think i have been in the dirty thirty club for awhile now but it just seems so much more legite.

Colls said...

i like mice!!! you took my idea!! you really do love me!!!