Tuesday, August 22, 2006

next time take me to space camp

this post is dedicated to Scott Adam Crandall. he is leaving provo to move to texas and i am starting to regret that we never got married because his spelling skills are top notch (playing boggle with this kid will blow your mind, i cant imagine what scrabble would be like...) scotty we will miss you lots. I am sure you will miss everyone as well-- i know if i shared sleeping space with wyatt it would be hard to leave...but dont fret, if you get lonely you might be able to find comfort in the arms of some fitness model that flags you down while you are walking down the streets of dallas....it could happen.

on an unrelated note to scotty is it weird that I watch workout on purpose?at first i told myself it was because i was waiting for project runway to come on and then i realized i liked it. i have problems...

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becky said...

i love you skotty. it saddens me that you are leaving provo even though we don't live in the same state. it was just a comfort knowing you were there in case i ever came to town. what will you do in dallas without a burger supreme?