Thursday, August 24, 2006

Quilt Show Part I

I recently went to the Springville Art Museums Quilt Show (it goes until September 3rd) and if you like quilts you should check it out. I think the Amish would approve (although we tend to use much more color than the Amish. they avoid pastels entirely, not sure why. probably relgious reasons...however, there was a cute bonnet quilt i think they would dig)....

I think there is a 35% chance I could quilt the baby one but everything else is way out of my league. Especially the one in the middle that was hand stiched and pieced by an old woman in a black and white picture. Thats real hard to do. There was an intersting African quilt series that I liked and a really great quilt that some eagle scout will cherish forever (although for the record i dont really approve of pictures on quilts. they remind me of those places in the mall where girls put their faces on pillow cases for thier missionaries). There was a holocaust quilt that I thought was kind of disturbing...i really do prefer the double wedding ring pattern to autchwitz. I am of the firm opinion that quilts should be cheerful because you sleep with them and you dont want to induce nightmares...I personally recommend the pretty pink one with flowers for a good night sleep. Well that and ambien.

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