Monday, September 11, 2006

weena's wedding!

here we all our at timmy and weena's wedding reception sitting at the DCA table (people sat according to their airports, clever weena). here we are waiting to catch the bouquet. although heba is 6 feet tall she didnt manage to catch it....strangely enough, i was cut out of the wedding toast line up. i think it was because i was going to mention their first date makeout which was followed the next day by their first booty call where they got snowed in a church parking lot whilst making out. Occasional someone will say "let it snow" but we arent referring to the weather as much as the hope that we are in a church parking lot in our mom's car making out. well...maybe not those exact circumstances but you get the general idea.
oh and i also was going to mention how breena and tim met through "mutual friends" and how breena swore up and down she would never date a utah boy. cutting me out of that wedding toast program was the best wedding decision they made next to those artichoke cracker horderves.
712 girls. that house does have some uncanny marriage karma. we should charge extra for that... arlington isnt expensive enough.
i love heba. she is saving up money to go to Algeria to help people and stuff. and look for cute interpreters. hey it cant all be all about humanitarian aid.

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