Tuesday, April 22, 2008

updates and downtakes

i got a pedicure on saturday and my foot kept touching the breasts of the korean girl who was giving me the pedicure. i wasnt sure if i should say anything but it did take my mind off whether or not this was a sweat shop and if i should tip in cash for awhile.

i no longer have a crush on the boy who works at the soup place and will no longer be referring to him as "my boyfriend."

partly the problem was that i dont know korean.

i really loved step up 2: the streets. which is why i kept saying i love this movie sooooo much every five minutes and in even shorter intervals never the end.

maybe i broke up with soup place guy because i am dating the guy i might buy a bike from on craigs list. he did ask me to coffee and i know he likes sleeping in and this american life. sounds like a relationship to me.

seriously i love dance offs. they are my favorite offs ever.


Anonymous said...

Dance Offs are your favorite offs? You like them more than Jack Offs?

natali said...

yeah kind of...i saw that joke coming. coming. geez.

becky said...

if you make a joke about getting off, you should always claim it!

carolyn and george,

if you ever read this, i have no idea what they're talking about.


natali said...

the best part is carolyn and george dont know that they are talking about either.

Bone Junior said...

I don't have words to describe how hard I loved step up 2 the streets.

Colls said...

after seeing step up 2, i went outside the theater with my friends to try some of their moves. i successfully did one called the "coffee grinder" and then an old fashioned somersault.