Friday, May 02, 2008

heaven is a large and interesting place

may may may may may may may. i hope you arent as cruel.

agent cooper woke up from a dream chewing on his earplug. he dreamt it tasted like gross candy. that happened to me once. its nice to know i am not the only person that has happened to even if the other person is fictional.

speaking of fictional characters i thought i saw a ghost at a church while i was doing yoga. i only thought it was a ghost because the figure looked smudgy in the dark. and on the way in i noticed a car with a vanity plate that said "DIE". i was complaining about dying earlier and b said he would be sad if i did but he was excited to get started on the natali memorial quilt. i should probably teach him how to sew because you never know. in fact i can help you get started on it (and by you i mean b)(or really anyone sewing a quilt in my memory) because i have lots of fabric i need to use up.

speaking of quilts i really like these ones.


B. said...

you'll have to teach me to sew and also get me a key to your place so i can pick up that fabric. or maybe amend your online will to specify that i get the fabric.

i hope you don't die though.

but seriously this is gonna be one amazing quilt.

natali said...

key to my place...probably so you can kill me.

lisa said...

I've seen the "DIE" license plate before! Driving around sugarhouse. Weird.

Also, I am willing to put some work into the memorial quilt. I think maybe we should make it out of scraps of all her favorite jeans. A denim memorial quilt. yeah?

natali said...

i am in the process of selling all my jeans. plus you have to get a denim needle and that is such a hassle.