Tuesday, February 02, 2010

unpaid vacations and the like

i have all this information stored away in my brain about things i find interesting. but forgot to write about. first of all, this conversation happened at my new and exciting teaching job in the faculty room.

man: (gay)(not that it matters)(on the phone with another gay man)(not that is matters): i mean its just that i care about you so much. PAUSE. but i care about you. PAUSE. but i dont want to have sex with you. PAUSE. but i care about you. i really do care. PAUSE. but i just dont feel that way anymore. i dont want to have sex. PAUSE. but i care. and i just put something in your box. PAUSE. i really care.

hang (hung?) up.

thats when i realized the other guy who is super cared about also worked at the school.

i really wasnt going to press this subject. i am not sure what the etiquette is on listening to another persons conversation you cant get out of without physically moving. but my co worker wanted me to know that once you had the milk you dont want to buy the cow. (does that mean he was bad in bed?). really i thought that analogy only applied to girls trying to get married. so it was good to have it used in another context which broadened my own usage of it. i am never going to milk a co worker. i know thats a bad idea. now i worry about my milk being any good.

damn that conversation stressed me out.

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