Thursday, May 27, 2010

im her shes not!

occasionally i like to share the occasional work story. this story is a work story in a work story. so i guess i am really just telling a parable.

yesterday at a work meeting we were discussing the recent sexual harassment seminar some of the students put on to make the other students aware of sexual harassment. so the seminar was during class. upon finding this out and seeings that i didnt have to teach i got the hell out and went and watched tv on my computer. duh. anyway, my coworker was like natali how come you just left. and i was like duh. she was like i thought we had to stay. and i said next time you ever find yourself in that situation say hells no and go watch tvs on your computer. duh.

anyway she realized i was right. but the best part was the conversation that happened DURING the seminar (about sexual harassment)

student in charge: so you should come sign this i wont bite
other student: unless you want him to
student in charge: oh yeah then i would totally bite (wink or something)
other student: i bet he is good at it, yeah baby (what not)

(something else sexual was said but i wasnt there this is all hearsay)

moving onto more important matters i decided i would try to eat a veggie dog everyday this summer. this is day three. upon telling bry my seasonal dietary goals he said:

Bryton: I think you'd get sick of them after four days
me: i think i got sick of them after the thought

we were both right really.


Colleen said...

i love you

natali said...

oh man i forgot to tell you i love you back

natali said...
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