Monday, May 21, 2007

year of the pig

on sunday night it was two weeks after lee's birthday so we had pie. and the conversation turned to, as it naturally does, chinese birthday animals. i was given the assignment to find and blog about everyone attending's sign. here i go:

natali: horse
brian: horse
lee: monkey
gavin: goat
natani: goat
lisa: dragon
jefe: tiger

i would look up alma and arlo but they left pre-chinese birthday-animal conversation so they dont get to know.


lisa said...

i'm going to go ahead and say that my chinese birthday animal is the most Mighty of all of them. I'm just saying.

natali said...

i dont know. monkeys kind of scare me...

becky said...

i am the snake. ssssssss

natali said...

i wish i was a snake. i am allergic to horses. and dragons.

ck said...

i'm a dog...which i always don't like saying because people think i'm calling myself ugly and then the reassurances come