Friday, July 27, 2007

as you can see, nothing is more contagious than good judgment.

its so hot in my apartment. jeans are too hot. cooking is too hot. sleeping is out of the question. so i have been opening my door because its much cooler in the hall and i am trying to trick that cool air to come into my sweltering apartment.

but as it turns out it wasnt the air that wanted to come in. i am ok with not knowing my neighbors. there is smokey guy who i wished smoked a little farther away from my window. there is soccer player guy who i thought was a soccer player. there is the cute angsty guy who always wears black converses and glares at me when he is outside smoking. oh and then there is the player/chauffer guy who i know because he is always out smoking. basically, if you dont smoke i probably dont know if you live here.

tonight one of my neighbors knocked on my semi open door. i was a little nervous that it would look more inviting that i wanted it to. open doors have a way of being overly friendly. he asked if it was hot in my apartment. i said yes. then he asked me where i was from and what i do and if he could see my apartment which he thinks is cute. he also shook my hand. i had been flossing. so i wasnt sure what to do with the floss. i switched the floss in my hands. i hope thats appropriate. he said when he first moved in everyone used to hang out on the porch. and that the singles in the apartment arent fun anymore. i personally havent been fun for years so i feel like i fit in pretty well. anyway he said he is hoping we run into each other again.

also becky and i went to the pool today. i overheard a pretty good conversation by two little girls. i estimate ages 9 and a half. but with the way children are maturing because of growth hormones in milk they might have been 8.

girl 1: what does meghan call her grandma
girl 2: mimi
girl 1: oh yeah
girl 2: (i couldnt hear)
girl 1: so that is the scariest thing i have done. what is the scariest thing you have done
girl 2: i swam in the deep end of the pool. it was like 18 feet. (not even possible girl 2)
girl 1: once i swam in the deep end because sarah dared me so i had to
girl 2: do you smell smoke
girl 1: no (for the record i smelled smoke)
girl 2: we are probably breathing in second hand smoke. thats really dangerous.


becky said...

i thought she said "it's worse if it's second hand". i hope that's what she said because that little girl it so funny when i think of the story that way.

natali said...

she probably said that. its how she justifies her cigeratte addiction at such a young age.