Tuesday, September 18, 2007

vampires like it windy

it was only recently i realized my mom wanted me to marry my little brother (to be fair i am sure its subconscious). it was the same day i realized i probably dont have a ghost. actually both those things happened today.

i thought i had a ghost. its a long story (its short but you the reader wouldnt think i had a ghost if i told you so i am not even going to bother telling you why i thought my apartment was haunted lets just say for 4 days i was sure it was). i never talked to the ghost but i talked about it on the phone in my apartment so i figured it knew how i felt about it living there. its passive aggressive i know and i feel kind of bad about that. but now that i dont think i have a ghost i feel less bad.

speaking of passive aggressive my mom has decided that i am not married because her friend thinks i am too picky. she said her temple friend sui ying thought that was why i wasnt married (for the record i have never met sui ying). my guess is my mom thinks i am too picky. the conversation went like this:

mom: sui ying thinks you are being too picky
me: huh.
mom: you need to give boys a chance. say he is 5'8'' to 5'10'' that doesnt mean you cant date.
me: i am sorry. i will try to be more tolerant of that height range.
mom: i dont know and he could be 26. just because he is only 26 doesnt mean you shouldnt date him.
me: (in my head: what in the world)
mom: and he can be shy. give the shy boys a chance.
me: are you talking about trevor (my little brother)
trevor: kind of sounds like she is
natali: i dont think we should get married (to trevor)
trevor: i did check you out once. but i didnt know it was you. but i did think you were cute.
natali: thanks.


Cicada said...

I was reading my friend Julia's post about her brother today and looking at pictures of him and then this independent thought popped into my head: "You know who he's PERFECT FOR?? Julia!!"

Then I remembered why that wouldn't work.

I'm glad your brother thinks you're attractive. I've checked you out before, too, for the record. And you get an A in my books. Maybe A+.

natali said...

wow an A? after law school i am estatic about anything 3.3 and higher.

ThomCarter said...

Does your mom want you to get married . . . or . . . is she trying to find a nice woman for your brother?

punk rock girl said...

i dont know. i actually dont think my mom is as concerned about my littler brothers status. he is relatively young and he lives at home and is really nice to have around and is the buffer for my parents marriage so my mom has some interest in keeping him unmarried.