Thursday, February 07, 2008

blanket statements made in the ninth grade

the actress who plays the ghost myrtle in harry potter who cries in the bathroom also plays a character in bridget jone's diary who cries in the bathroom. but in bridget jone's diary she isnt dead. this is just an observation and has nothing (that i know of) to do with my post.

this week i went to lunch with my parents. after our waitress took our order she sat down at a table near us occupied by a pregnant women with 2-3 young children.

waitress: so did you do the pregnancy test? (naturally i thought she meant the one that included urine and a pink plus sign).
pregnant woman: you mean the one with my wedding ring? of course.
waitress: did it turn out to be right?
pregnant woman: totally! it is a.....
mom: you are so great with kids natali. (apparently we had been having a conversation about my children skills. i am not surprised. we have been having that conversation a lot lately. but i wanted to hear more about the waitress and her attempts to figure out what sex her fetus is with her wedding ring).
natali: (begrudgingly) i really dont think i am that good with kids. i wish you would stop circulating family rumors that i am fantastic with children. people might start asking me to babysit...
mom: nonsense you are SO good with children. you love children. you are going to be so cute with your kids.
natali: love seems like a strong word for my feelings about most children. mostly i am glad i am not that lady. she has like three kids under 3 and she is pregnant again. i am overwhelmed by her diaper bag situation sans children. but i do admire how with the advent of sonograms she still utilizes the "ring" test.
(i am not above the ring test. i just believe in gender neutral baby clothing so i probably wont find out.)

speaking of kids my friend greg came into town. i have only hung out with him one other time. i think i really impressed him with my kid skills. we were playing uno at his house in california and his friend's six year old was there. it was the uno championship game and i could have thrown the whole thing and let the kid win because he was pretty close and he really wanted to. you know how kids love that stuff. but instead i laid down my green 4 and i think said "sucka" or something like that.


ck said...

so did you find out what the ring test is?? my mom has a "pencil test" where she sticks a needle and string into a pencil eraser and then swings it over your wrist and it "tells" you how many kids you'll have and their genders...i'm a little scared by any witchcraft involved in this procedure, but i'm also looking forward to having a boy, girl, boy. i told my mom to tell her pencil i only wanted two kids.

natali said...

well i havent conducted the ring test since i was 10 so i am having a hard time remembering details. it involved a ring (or pencil) and a string and your wrist and then depending on if there was a circle or a line let you know if it was a girl or a boy.

ck said...

gasp!! yes - same test. i sometimes feel like our world is a giant ouija board

natali said...

i have said that more than once.

fight said...

have you ever played uno attack? you push a button when you have to draw and cards spray in your face. it's hilarious and disgusting.