Monday, February 11, 2008

i cant i am pregnant again

this is the gnome that lives in my break room. his finger is broken. someone keeps moving him. probably a ghost because who else would bother with such a thing? i have been firmly against gnomes and elves and possibly small trolls since my cousin d. told me about the movie cats eye which was the scariest movie plot my seven-year-old mind could comprehend.

other things that scare me:
1) ghosts in general but especially ghosts of prisoners or children
2) satan
3) mirrors
4) mirrors with ghosts or satan in the reflection
5) dolls
6) needles
7) skinwalkers
8) people that pick up hitch hikers. and then kill them.
9) large groups of children
10) knives
11) strangers
12) drugs
13) strangers doing drugs
14) ghosts in my shower and ghosts i am related to
15) ebola
16) insects that are fast or burrow


lisa said...

a.) what is a skinwalker?

b.) I have a fear of hitchhikers too, but I'm more afraid of them killing me, than me killing them.

becky said...

i don't think that's a gnome. i think it's just a fat man with a finger injury.

so maybe you'll feel better now.

natali said...

fortunately i do personal injury. i am going to go sign him up.

ck said...

skinwalkers scare me too. and the entire state of montana. i think the two are related more than people are willing to admit

ck said...

lisa - skinwalkers are people with superhuman abilities that can turn into different animals (think werewolfs). i think there's some sort of killing-and-skinning-of-animals-and-then-wearing-their-skin-over-your-own that's involved too but i might be imagining that part for added effect

natali said...

dane knows the most about should ask him.

reno said...

I'm with Lisa here - I think I'd rather be a hitchhiker than pick one up. Incidentally, I feel the same way about gnomes.

Cicada said...

When you said prisoner ghosts, I thought it really said pioneer ghosts. Those are scary, too. They're still roaming the earth looking for their toes.

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

I concur about the ghosts. Why must ghosts be aloud to freak us out, i.e. every time I pass The Provo Library. I tell you I get chills, I think that place is still haunted.

MicroSeth said...

Don't be scared of Ebola. It's more scared of you.

No, but really here in the US you should be more afraid of catching hepatitis from someone peeing in your potato salad. The incidence of that is way higher.