Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i have strong feelings for the commerce clause

i have wanted to see me friend jl a lot lately. but she doesnt live here. in fact she doesnt live in this country. and i have always had a hard time calling internationally. the codes are tricky. if i miss someone enough i usually stop all contact anyway. but she doesnt know that and emailed me yesterday. excerpt:
That's not quite the word for it, but it is funnier and shorter than any other explanation....I think the grown-up world is a giant disappointment....There are relatively few decisions....It's a nice world for an indecisive little brute like me....What the hell am i doing that again for?...I was only able to understand it, though, because I've seen the movie so many times -- her diction is way above my head....I would probably be really disappointed that Elizabeth Bennett ended up with Mark Darcy and happy that Lydia landed Wickham and have no idea why it was even called Pride and Prejudice.

my attempt to respond:

did you know i am allergic to cats and dogs?
but i hate them independent of my allergy.

sometimes when i really miss people thats the best i can do.

yesterday i watched rachel ray make "comfort food." i dont know. she seemed a little down. she said that she used to work at macys and during the christmas season she worked long hours. she would come home and make soup at 1 in the morning and then put it outside her neighbors door because she was too tired to eat but she just wanted to cook something. i think maybe she is going through a secret divorce.

it snowed again today in utah. my paralegal told my boss it was because he kept praying for moisture. but he said thats not true at all and that he does his best to deplete the ozone in all the ways he can think of to increase the green house effect. he likes to help when he can.


becky said...

rachel ray is probably depressed because she is rachel ray. i know i would be. i mean, i want to kill myself whenever i see her face or hear her voice, so imagine actually BEING her

Ange said...

natali! Hey summer gave me your blog and I wanted to say hi! we need to get together! we have a blog too, its joshandange.blogspot.com if you want to check it out! call me sometime!

natali said...

yeah sums and i want to plan lunch. i need your phone number my phone died so call me and we can arrange it.