Friday, August 29, 2008

hug a dolphin another day

august 29, 2008

dear m.l.k. jr:

im still not totally ok with you. you know my feelings. but im not bringing that up now because you are dead. however, i am curious if you really did endorse obama or if i misheard when i was trying to quickly change the channel. also, my tv sound didnt work for like 15 minutes last night and i want to know if you or any of your friends are haunting my tv set. that might also explain the color problems. everything is orange. good thing orange is my favorite color.



ps here is a picture of jesus on a birthday cake. i heard you are religious.


B. said...

too soon

Cicada said...

mlk jr. causes you color problems? I think he dealt with a lot of those during his life, too. but not orange so much.

natali said...

so you think i should rule out mlk jr...i have trust issues with ghosts.