Sunday, August 10, 2008

sex on wednesday

at tuesday lunch with my parents my dad was telling me how proud my mom was of me. and i was like yeah right. and he said she is always bragging about you. and i said what does she brag about (i was secretly hoping she told everyone i was good at sewing* and had a great sense of humor even if i wasnt married). no such luck. she likes to tell people how small i am. i think if i lost a couple of more pounds i could maybe surpass my younger brother as the favorite who we are all very proud of because he teaches a class as UVSC. thats right he is a professor (adjunct). he is living the part time dream.

all my heros work part time.

ive decided im going to go get a physical this week. im not even really sure what it entails. i vaguely remember getting one when i was 13 and having this conversation with the doctor:

doctor: Have you talked to your parents about sex?
me: ugh yeah i guess.
doctor: Are you sure? If they havent I will.
me: maybe i should just pee in a cup and leave.

i havent been back since.

*originally i had written sewer. i realized that cant be right.


Erik said...

physicals = turn your head and cough. they make girls do that too, right?
they better. i'm emotionally scarred from that and I don't think it'd be fair if girls aren't too. that would be sexist. but hey, i hear pap smears are almost as bad, so maybe it's sorta fair.

natali said...

i dont want to hear it. paps are way more intrusive.

senordustin said...

my heroes work part time... is pretty good

Cicada said...

I work full time (sortof) and this post name is from me... so am I your hero? I just want to be clear on this.

natali said...

well cut down on some of those hours and we will talk about your hero status.