Tuesday, August 12, 2008

small talk on my day off

i had this idea to start a blog about a hypothetical baby. but i have a lot on my blog plate. and the problem with hypothetical babies is you cant take tons of pictures of them (because they dont exist) and pictures are the keystone of any good baby blog. i was also concerned a made up baby blog might offend real babies (parents) everywhere. so this is as far as the brainstorming went:

brian: did you start you fake baby blog yet?
me: not yet
i dont know if i willbrian: that's ok

but here is an excerpt of what my baby blog would have been like.

i found this outfit for kitty.* isnt she adorable? she loves it and cries when i take it off. whenever we go to the park she gets so many compliments. its because she is so adorable. i cant believe how big she is getting! i hope she doesnt outgrow it by halloween but if she does i was i have a cute pumpkin costume that should work. anyway i have to run. the baby is waking up from her nap and we running to the store...

*not her real name.


Colls said...

i like her. i mean i love her. she is so cute and cuddly wuddly. hypothetical babes are better bc they are so low maintenance and you don't have to feed them.

Cicada said...

This reminds me of Ned from About a Boy.

natali said...

kitty is way cuter than ned.

marshall p said...

it's like your inside my mind!