Monday, November 20, 2006

birthday blog

it was my birthday on november 3rd and as we all know i feel strongly about birthdays. my grandpa had two birthdays and i was always so jealous. you might say hey how did that happen. it wasnt one of those things were he was born close to midnight and they werent sure or whatever. mostly his mom had a really bad memory (she swore it was march 10) and/or there was a typo on his birth certificate (which reads march 9). so anyway he had two birthdays.

highlights of age 27 include:
1) i like odd numbers so much more than even
2) i passed the bar...wait that was 26
3) i bought an icecream maker

yeah it was kind of a sucky year. which is why i have such high hopes for 28. i think its going to be awesome. and this is how i know. last year my roommates took me to Aladdin's my favorite Mediterranean restaurant and then i went home for a surprise party,which had both a craft table AND costco cake. it was seriously so rad and one of my favorite birthdays of all time. furthermore, i flew home to get sworn in after passing the bar and my family had this great party for me and lots of friends were magically in town including becky and everyone came by and we had a really fun time. anyway, the year that followed more or less sucked. its because my birthday was so great.

which is why my birthday this year gives me so much hope for a great year ahead. my roommates were going to a relief society retreat so i thought there was a decent chance i was going to be alone on my birthday but last minute colleen bribed warren into taking me to vegas... were we got a flat tire and spent 3 hours in a casino parking garage. no one in my family actually wanted to have a birthday party for me except for my mom (thanks mom). two weeks after my birthday she managed to guilt every family member into coming over for my birthday dinner which consisted of dinner in a pumpkin (pictured below). sadly, my mom added way too much sugar and i couldnt eat any (pre-diabetic). furthermore, all my friends have moved away and no one was visiting or around so for like the first time in like 28 years it was just my family and we all know how i feel about strictly family events. yikes. anyway, over all i had bad birthday karma.... which equals fantastic year.


provoce said...

That story was truly tragic.

punk rock girl said...

i know my life is pretty hard. but i hope that you dont stay up at night trying to figure out how i am going to get through it all...because hey i am hanging in there.