Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Ex Tv Bfs

This post was inspired by Cicada
Sawyer from LOST
Why I shouldnt have liked him: he is an asshole
Why I did like him: he is an asshole. also, i love how patriotic he is. he is the only one who is a good american on the whole damn island. he is keeping capitalism alive and well. by hoarding away all the guns, meds, anything of value and then forcing his co-islanders to barter and trade in life or death situation for the supplies...he brings the american dream to the island. some of you may say thats not fair, sawyer is just taking the other passengers possessions and then forcing them to buy them back (jack would probably say that. i hate jack). but i think the pilgrams had a similar system with the native amercians. so i like sawyer. because he is an american (actually no its because he takes his shirt off ALOT).

Michael Knight from Project Runway
Why i shouldnt have liked him: he is a workaholic and as a designer has a lot of self absorbed potential.

Why i did like him: because he made one of my favorite outfits on this season of project runway. and i thought it was cute that he gave kayne the heads up whenever kayne's dresses took a turn for the hookerish (most of the time). and damn that boy can accessorize.

Why we broke up: since he is no longer on tv it feels like we have really grown apart. i am not that in to long distance relationships so we called it off.

seth cohen from the OC
Why i shouldnt have liked him: because i love him and summer together and i would never want to come between their magical relationship.
Why i did like him: seth is by far my most long term tv boyfriend (it lasted 2 1/2 seasons). i love him so much. he is nerdy and witty and skinny and tall....the perfect boy.
Why we broke up: it started around when seth missed his boston college interview and started smoking pot. i couldnt bear to see him throw away his life like that. oh and he might be gay. it was recently brought to my attention that he and ryan are very close (like in love close)...seth did freak out and run away when ryan left. the story checks out. so maybe i dont want to come between ryan and seth...


Cicada said...

I'm impressed---only three! I considered Sawyer, too, but I simply cannot love him.

And I'm glad you and Seth broke up. He's somewhat of a doosh. Sorry to break it to you.

provoce said...

C'mon, they're all "dooshes." Ok, maybe not that first guy, although I don't watch "Lost." And maybe I'm just slightly bitter cuz you got my hopes up when I saw Michael Knight that you actually were into a real man. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that Michael Knight was not referring to David Hasselhoff's character on the favorite tv show of my childhood, "Knight Rider", but rather to some aspiring fashion designer!

becky said...

seth cohen IS the perfect guy. and now that he and summer broke up in real life, he's now the perfect, single (and most likely totally wounded and needy) guy

becky said...
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becky said...

*i'd like to postscript with i am actually really sad that the real life seth and summer are no longer together