Wednesday, November 15, 2006

what music television has taught me

now that i have all the time in the world to dedicate to MTV programming i would just like to list some of the life lessons that i have learned in the last week or so.

first, laguna beach. i have learned a helluva lot about friendship. its almost like i dont even know where to begin. like when breanna (l.c.'s little sister) wrote a note to raquel/rocky about mending their friendship and then raquel/rocky went over and they resolved to be friends no matter what tessa thought. tessa has been holding everyone back. i am not sure how because i have only seen 3/4ths of an episode but as far as i can tell she just doesnt want people to be happy. i hate tessa. but she has great hair.

second, real world road rules challenge "the duel". i have learned a lot about love just from the commercials for real world road rules challenge "the duel". i just think its so great that nehemiah and beth are totally in love. like for the first time ever beth just really likes a boy and or another person or something that isnt evil and its so sweet that she does nice things like trying to form something that resembles emotional attachment (sex). i mean its taken beth like 29 seasons of the real world road rules challenge to open up like this. i am just glad i had the foresight to keep watching or i would have missed out on this amazing development.

parental control. what HAVENT i learned from this show. i mean even though its scripted the underlying themes of love, jealously, disappointment, apathy and crazy teenage passion are just so strong. its like reading the bell jar and catcher but without the mental breakdowns. although each episode is more or less the same (the plot=disenchanted parents interview potential dates for their teenager because they hate boy/girlfriend, each parent picks a date for their teenager, parents watch the dates with teenager's boy/girlfriend that they hate, trash talk between parents and boy/girl friend (usually involving sexual experiences with teenager and hated boy/girl friend), teenager goes on date and likes both dates (ALWAYS), has a hard time deciding (ALWAYS), but usually picks old boy/girl friend much to parents dismay and pain (old boy/girlfriend fondle teenager in front of parents)) i come away from each episode better able to recognize what is really important in relationships. also, i just think its great that parents are taking interest in their childrens lives. it really gives me hope for america. that and the dems took over congress. maybe i have reasons to wake up in the morning (but probably not).

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