Thursday, November 02, 2006

unemploydo. its spanish for unemployed.

i know everyone is dying to know how my first week of unemployment went and if i have found a job and/or plunged into the depression that is sure to engulf me when i realize that i have no financial security and no reason to wake up...and the answer is no to both questions.

i have mostly been trying to keep myself busy to avoid said depression. i went to a museosaur (that is what aaron calls the dinosaur museum) in my backyard in St. George. i took a photo with Dr. Johnson for proof of said visit (pictured above). i felt really bad for dr. johnson. he was going to make a fortune building an apartment complex for dixie coeds when he stumbled upon a dino fossil. and instead of hurrying and covering it up he actually told people about it. what a nut. i never really figured out how he knew it was a fossil. i spent 14 minutes trying to see them they just looked like random rock markings to me. which led me to believe maybe i have no future in archeology. or animal tracking. or anything that requires spacial organization.
i also went to brigham young's winter house in st george and learned a lot about cotton and silk worms. also, there were some pretty cool quilts there but the sister missionary didnt know if they were originals. she knew lots of other stuff though so don't be too hard on her.
i went hiking to snow canyon which was named after one of the 12 apostles when it was settled. i learned that at brother brigham's house.
i moved for ninth time in two years. i am pretty good at it. i have packing down to an art. maybe i do have spacial organzation after all.
i have also watched every episode of gilmore girls and the office. if you are ever unemployed access to cable and tivo are key. that is my unemployed tip of the day.
with a schedule like this i am sure to ward off the depression for 3 maybe 4 more days.


Colls said...

nat, why didn't you guys ever work out. look at him. he loves you. i see it in his eyes. why did you have to leave him? just because you don't embrace dinos in the same fashion as he?

punk rock girl said...

he died.