Wednesday, January 24, 2007

wrangler butts drive me nuts

i love wranglers. they really are great jeans. in fact they rank in my all time favorite jeans (i ranked my top five favorite jeans tonight with my sexually ambiguous friend with rad hair that sold me the wranglers. he owns those smokey hudsons in womens. i am pretty jealous). i knew given enough time and prayers on my part that i would finally find my very own wranglers.
i began searching for wranglers that would met my jean needs early in 2002. my patience has finally paid off. i hear wranglers are gaining some recognition in europe although that hot austrian engineering phd student that sat next to me on a flight home from dc couldnt verify if wranglers were in austria (he was too busy being super smart).
anyway if anyone else is in the market there is the cutest mini skirt that maybe i have ever seen. ever. and some great cords in red. all great wrangler choices.

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