Sunday, January 07, 2007

new years resolution(s)

i am keeping it pretty simple this year. although some have suggested perhaps finding a job i like or being in a stable, loving relationship as potential goals i dismissed them pretty quickly and came up with these much more manageable and probably in the long run much more accomplishable goals of:

1) only drink diet coke at movies OR while eating asian food. (so far this one is sticking and i am pretty damn proud of myself. and its not as arbitrary as it sounds. i really just like diet coke with popcorn and pad thai)

2) which brings me to goal number two. although i have often tried to stop swearing i am getting serious about not swearing in places such as church (it only happened once) or in front of my family (happened twice just last month). so i am off the swears in holy places and/or in the presence of blood relatives.

i have my sincere doubts on whether new years should ever be used as a serious goal time for the following reasons. nothing really changes so if you think the new year will be magically different and all of a sudden you will kick your addition to meth because you have new years luck...i have my doubts(also i have no idea how addictive meth is or how hard it is to get over. but i have been thinking about it lately because i think my parents neighbors have a meth lab guarded day and night by 3 large dobermans). also, new years is directly followed by january. which is the most dreary, depressing, and uninspiring month of the year and if your goal takes too much energy you will quickly succumb to seasonal depression (SAD). today in relief society the teacher said that in some cultures people used to break pinatas to get rid of the devil and the 7 deadly sins. turns out she is right. turns out next year i am totally having a pinata at whatever lame new years party i end up at. and maybe after that we can all watch pinata: survial island probably the best movie ever made where one of the main charachters is a pinata.

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