Friday, January 05, 2007

january 5, 2007

so today i decided that God actually does want me alive. i know this because i almost DIED. but not really. well maybe. anyway i was driving on the freeway behind a large semi (i guess they are all large) when large chunks of ice came off said semi and onto honda's windshield. i thought the glass was breaking but luckily (unluckily?)it just cracked. ALOT. visibility is poor to impossible on the passenger side.

i was pretty scared.

anyway, it was day of strange luck. after my near death experience i went to a movie with brian. then i went to DI and found some rockin republics for $8. and then when i went to pay for the jeans i realized i didnt have my wallet. the thought of canceling all my credit cards was worse than dying on the freeway. anyway, my wallet was at the movie theatre (seriously miracle after miracle) and my jeans are on my ass.

so it was a pretty good day after all.

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