Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i am always it

1 jobs I've had...

1. i worked at hogi yogi when i was a freshman
2. i took over my brother's newspaper for six months inbetween brothers, back then it was a boy job
3. i worked at sears
4. i waitressed at rosas and met becky

2 movies I could watch over and over...

1. maybe superbad. i love that movie so much.

3 places I've lived...
  1. springville, utah
  2. provo, utah
  3. london, england
  4. arlington, virginia
  5. st. george, utah
  6. salt lake city, utah

4 favorite TV/reality shows...
  1. colbert report and the daily show with jon stewart
  2. law and order
  3. everybody loves raymond
  4. curb your enthusiasm
4 favorite places I've been...
  1. london
  2. jerusalem
  3. cinca terra, italy
  4. the grand canyon (in my head)
5. favorite foods...

1. sushi
2. gyros
3. falafel
4. tamales

6 websites I check daily...
  1. my ebay
  2. my blog
  3. my gmail (is that a website)
  4. its all about me apparently
7 hobbies I enjoy...

1. quilting
2. walking (is that a hobby?)
3. reading blogs

8 friends I tag...haha you're it!

1. oh i think i ran out of friends. my mom always said this would happen to me if i didnt get married young.


punk rock girl said...

i dont know what happened with formatting. i blame breena. i am also hoping my blog turns into me just taking the same quiz over and over.

brian said...

at the beginning of teenage riot, kim gorgon maybe is playing tag with herself.