Saturday, August 18, 2007

tag i'm it

my friend lisa quiz tagged me. which means for those who are unfamiliar with tag and quizzes i have to take this personal quiz and put it on my blog or i will be cursed with 12 years of bad luck. incidentally tag used to stress me out a child. i had above average levels of stress as a child. let the quiz begin:

Jobs I've held...

1. i cut my grandpas hair for $20 a month (this included a complimentary eyebrow trim)
2. i was a sample girl for like three saturdays at food 4 less
3. i worked for civil rights and disability law non-profits
4. and my mom says being such a great daughter is a full time job. thanks mom. i could really use some benefits.

Movies I can watch over and over...
1. i mostly just watch them once
2. however i have watched troy over and over but i think that was because i was unemployed

My Guilty Pleasures...
1. i watch a lot of MTV and Bravo
2. i like to read dating books
3. DHing
4. garlic

TV Shows I enjoy...
1. ANTM (america's next top model)
2. Project Runway
3. Top Chef, Iron Chef and Next FoodNetwork Host
4. Extras (i realize that Extras, the only quality show, is listed last. but dont think it is last in my heart. i also realize i dont like good programming).

Places I have been on vacation...
1. Georgia/Florida
2. London
3. dinosaur land
4. i dont get out much

Favorite foods...
1. goat cheese
2. diet coke
3. cheese enchiladas
4. fondue

Awards I have won
1. as previously mentioned i won a poetry award in kindergarten or maybe it was the first grade
2. i also won the big buck award in the fourth grade for a compelling anti hunting story
3. in the eighth grade my badminton team took second in some sort of championship. but it had nothing to do with my athletic ability which is questionable but my partner who had cat like reflexes.
4. i will have to check my mom's fridge because that is where she displays any certificate/report card/etc of note

Hobbies I enjoy...

1. quilting
2. cooking
3. movie viewing
4. walking
5. making lists of my boring hobbies

Secretly, I wish I could....
1. make crafts all day long
2. nap daily
3. wink
4. go to hair school

A random thing about me...
i like to vote but only because i like the machines and stickers


lisa said...

now you're supposed to tag other people. also, i like that one of your guilty pleasures is DHing

natali said...

i like to be honest or the bad luck still kicks in. ok. i will tag becky and chelsea and cicada.

Tim & Breena said...

oops. I just tagged you on my blog, but looks like someone beat me to it.

natali said...

dont worry. i will just do the quiz over and over.