Wednesday, August 29, 2007

sick day

today i called in sick to work. it was well deserved sick day. first of all i really had a bad migraine last night. and i hate my job. it was really a no brainer. while at home i decided to do some things i needed to catch up on. 1) i went to DI and bought picture frames 2) i got a parking permit for my friends so they can park on my road for more than one hour (there were some pretty good jokes made by the city employee about how any "guests" "sleeping over" would really appreciate this pass. anyway he thinks its going to revolutionize my night life. (which made me worry that i dont look like i have a night life or that it needs to be revolutionized) (i have a night life) (unless that means sex) (i wonder if i will have sex now that i have this guest parking pass) 3) i emailed byu to inquire about their maternity leave policy. in law school i took a feminism class and my professor informed me that byu didnt offer maternity leave. i was pretty upset with byu. first no caffeine on campus and now no maternity leave. maternity leave isnt listed under their many many benefits so i thought i would send an email just to make sure. here is my email. i capitalized and everything.

To whom it may concern:

I am considering applying for a job at BYU and would like to know the
maternity leave policy at BYU.



the response (although timely) was completely inadequate.

Hi Natali, Your e-mail was referred to me. I'm not sure exactly what your question is but would be happy to talk to you about it. Call me if you have questions.

there is always the chance BYU employees have never heard the words maternity and leave stringed together. 4) i cleaned out my fridge 5) i emailed the SBA to ask for money 6) i thought about owen wilson for awhile 7) i solidified my crush on ilan from top chef and 8) i sat in the park and read things that werent boring (in stark contrast to my job). i wish they all could be sick days.


ThomCarter said...

It looks like you had a very productive sick day. I am on bed rest, so my sick day consists of sleeping and reading random LDS blogs.

I do think that it is weird that the BY wouldn't have a Maternity Leave policy. With what they pay, it is a two income employer!

natali said...

also, i hear, although i have not researched it, that the church doesnt hire female attorneys as general counsel. ever. even if they are past child rearing years.

becky said...

why did you ask the SBA for money?

punk rock girl said...

for my small business