Wednesday, August 22, 2007

it shouldnt be rocket

so on this particular sunday colleen and margo all decided to wear pink. and take this engagement picture. the next sunday we took this picture. i am thinking of submitting them to an art show and calling them margo colleen and me on bean bags on sundays. or something to that effect. i used to have another picture along the same lines but i deleted it.
i was much tanner and blonder last summer. my friend margo(pictured above and on the right)'s little sister recently had a liver transplant. the good news is she is doing well. the bad news it cost a small fortune as any major medical (or lets face it minor medical procedure) will. margo made a website where you can donate money to the family. i told her it was a good idea. i also told her my blog gets a lot of play and i would post the link. (it was sort of a lie but i wanted to be helpful). so if you want to donate i will sweeten the deal and blog about whatever you (the donater) asks. i went to the quilt show in springville if anyone wants me to touch on that. but its whatever topic you want no pressure.

oh and i thought about it and what if jon huntsman reads my blog? anyway if he reads my blog maybe he forwarded the link to his son the governor (of utah). who is also similarly situated financially speaking. they probably get hit up for money all the time is my guess. but i decided to make a special deal to jon h. jr. that goes as follows: if you donate i will vote republican in any election of your choosing (in my jurisdiction, there will be no moving to swing states). now i am not a republican. and i dont remember the last time anything that had to do with the republican party appealed to me besides their elephant mascot. i think this is a pretty good deal. basically i will vote republican in any local government, state or presidential election of your (the governor's) choosing. just let me know.


becky said...

jokes on john h. jr. if he takes that deal because it doesn't matter what you vote in utah, it's going to go republican.

maybe i should have posted this AFTER he took the deal

becky said...

oh, also, your link doesn't work for some reason.

punk rock girl said...

well if jon is strategic he will have me vote local politics. dems win those elections sometimes. rocky anderson is shining example. he shines. i think i fixed the link.

ThomCarter said...

Is there really such things as Democrats and Republicans in Utah? I just thought that there were the wicked conservatives and the moderates.

Help this Jersey Mormon understand.

punk rock girl said...

dear jersey mormon:

i watched rocket science and i learned a lot about people from jersey. i dont know much about politics but from my casual observations i think that conservatives, moderates and liberals are all represented here.

i am not sure about the wicked conservatives part. but i will ask around.

punk rock girl