Sunday, December 23, 2007

i guess you will have to fill in the rest of the holes yourself

i have been watching movies since the holiday break started. its only been two days. i watched atonement first. i am going to discuss the plot of it starting NOW for those of you who dont like to know what happens in movies. quite frankly i would have liked to know the plot of no country for old men before i began watching it but everyone is different. atonement is a pretty movie and the highlight was kera knightleys wardrobe. the plot summary is this:

rich girls shuns hired help boy her whole life
hired help boy sends rich girl a note about her genitalia
rich girl and hired help boy have sex in the library and the rich girls rich little sister walks in on them.

the rest of the plot is so boring i am not even going to write about it. it was around that point i wished we had gone to margot at the wedding.

so margot at the wedding was the next day. i went with clay and becky. clay hated it becky mostly didnt like it and i liked it. becky said she was wishing she was in juno the whole time. who wasnt? teenage sex/pregnancy is so glamorous these days. anyway my favorite line was i wouldnt let anyone else hold you as a baby, i am starting to think that might have been a mistake. actually, the mistake was allowing the movie to become so over the top that you started to hate everyone/thing in it. and then the hate seeped over to other people in the theater and eventually humanity in general. anyway it was pretty good.

today in church sugarcube left early and as a christmas present to himself. i asked if that was what he was giving Jesus. he said no. i dont know what i am getting Jesus this year. i will probably just wait and see what he gets me.

i am trying to decide if that last sentence pushed the line of sacrilege i normally try not to cross. i am also trying to decide if i can get out of spending christmas eve with my family. and finally i am trying to decide what to do with my $25 settlement i received from being in the class action law suit for my credit card usage in england six years ago.


becky said...

i only got $14 for my involvement in a class-action lawsuit! no fair

natali said...

oh yeah i serious about my class action settlements. i wont settle for less than $25.