Wednesday, December 19, 2007

some say the world will end in fire

my great aunt is refusing hawaii and alaska quarters. my parents were with her when she made this declaration. the conversation (supposedly) went as follows:

mom (mine): i love collecting state quarters (she is very close to having them all).
great aunt: i am done.
mom: but you dont have alaska or hawaii
great aunt: (apparently made a motion of disgust with her hand) they dont count.
dad (mine): hawaii was made a state in 1898 (this is true) and alaska...sometime after that (you can tell he is a teacher with a diplomatic personality).
mom: they ARE states. dont be silly. (my mother is incredibly loyal, patriotic and a little dismissive).
great aunt: i dont need them. (i assume at this point she started grumbling about fat people. that wasnt confirmed but it is more or less a given).


its hard to have to choose between a controlling/withholding vampire and an immature/sexually assaulting werewolf. but lets just say i will be sporting a TEAM JACOB t-shirt as soon as they become available.


i have been carbonation free for three days (although in the spirit of blog honesty i am drinking the last diet squirt in my fridge as i write this). i am miserable. i dont know how to make this better. brian said to get a new addiction(s) but that is easier said than done. i was so happy with carbonation. i know we had some problems. it was rotting off my enamel. probably depleting my calcium. oh yes and irritating the hell out of those holes in my stomach. but i will be damned if i dont think about drinking carbonation all the time. for the love no one offer me drugs.


becky said...

i give you permission to just start having sex. it will take your mind off carbonation.

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

I'll give up melatonin if you give up soda.

punk rock girl said...

i am soda free almost 21 hours. i will give you ambien to get you through the melatonin withdrawal.