Friday, December 28, 2007

you arent to be trusted with your own love life

we have christmas pudding. its pretty good. and i got a bedazzler.

dougie got these t shirts for christmas. they are japanese illustrations of scientific principles. the green one is significantly harder. i didnt get it. even when i learned what it was. go ahead and guess its fun. (dougie and i think the red one might also be an illustration about heaven).

i think i have seen a movie everyday of this christmas break. sunday i watched bad santa with fight and brian. it was a good feel holiday movie. on christmas eve i watched charlie wilsons war with dougie. we liked it. i think its worth seeing. dougie hasnt seen no country for old men and somehow almost talked me into going with him. i considered it but then i remembered it scared the hell out of me. on christmas i went to the golden compass with my little brother. i liked it. i like those demons. they are cute. i wish i had a demon. yesterday i watched ratatouille with dougie and his parents. um i liked it. when i wasnt dry heaving. rats in the kitchen...i dont care how good of cooks they are that just cant be sanitary ... thursday was sweeny todd and it was the best musical i have seen in a long time. and today bexy and i saw juno. what a treat. we are trying to decide if our parents would be more upset if we got knocked up in high school or now. i think now for sure. but thank goodness i have my plan which of course is to pretend to move to another state and never speak to them again in the event i reproduce out of wedlock.


Janey said...

who is dougie is he your new boyfriend because i haven't heard of him till now and i'm curious :)

natali said...

no. i tried to seduce him once though.