Wednesday, August 29, 2007

sick day

today i called in sick to work. it was well deserved sick day. first of all i really had a bad migraine last night. and i hate my job. it was really a no brainer. while at home i decided to do some things i needed to catch up on. 1) i went to DI and bought picture frames 2) i got a parking permit for my friends so they can park on my road for more than one hour (there were some pretty good jokes made by the city employee about how any "guests" "sleeping over" would really appreciate this pass. anyway he thinks its going to revolutionize my night life. (which made me worry that i dont look like i have a night life or that it needs to be revolutionized) (i have a night life) (unless that means sex) (i wonder if i will have sex now that i have this guest parking pass) 3) i emailed byu to inquire about their maternity leave policy. in law school i took a feminism class and my professor informed me that byu didnt offer maternity leave. i was pretty upset with byu. first no caffeine on campus and now no maternity leave. maternity leave isnt listed under their many many benefits so i thought i would send an email just to make sure. here is my email. i capitalized and everything.

To whom it may concern:

I am considering applying for a job at BYU and would like to know the
maternity leave policy at BYU.



the response (although timely) was completely inadequate.

Hi Natali, Your e-mail was referred to me. I'm not sure exactly what your question is but would be happy to talk to you about it. Call me if you have questions.

there is always the chance BYU employees have never heard the words maternity and leave stringed together. 4) i cleaned out my fridge 5) i emailed the SBA to ask for money 6) i thought about owen wilson for awhile 7) i solidified my crush on ilan from top chef and 8) i sat in the park and read things that werent boring (in stark contrast to my job). i wish they all could be sick days.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

it shouldnt be rocket

so on this particular sunday colleen and margo all decided to wear pink. and take this engagement picture. the next sunday we took this picture. i am thinking of submitting them to an art show and calling them margo colleen and me on bean bags on sundays. or something to that effect. i used to have another picture along the same lines but i deleted it.
i was much tanner and blonder last summer. my friend margo(pictured above and on the right)'s little sister recently had a liver transplant. the good news is she is doing well. the bad news it cost a small fortune as any major medical (or lets face it minor medical procedure) will. margo made a website where you can donate money to the family. i told her it was a good idea. i also told her my blog gets a lot of play and i would post the link. (it was sort of a lie but i wanted to be helpful). so if you want to donate i will sweeten the deal and blog about whatever you (the donater) asks. i went to the quilt show in springville if anyone wants me to touch on that. but its whatever topic you want no pressure.

oh and i thought about it and what if jon huntsman reads my blog? anyway if he reads my blog maybe he forwarded the link to his son the governor (of utah). who is also similarly situated financially speaking. they probably get hit up for money all the time is my guess. but i decided to make a special deal to jon h. jr. that goes as follows: if you donate i will vote republican in any election of your choosing (in my jurisdiction, there will be no moving to swing states). now i am not a republican. and i dont remember the last time anything that had to do with the republican party appealed to me besides their elephant mascot. i think this is a pretty good deal. basically i will vote republican in any local government, state or presidential election of your (the governor's) choosing. just let me know.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i am always it

1 jobs I've had...

1. i worked at hogi yogi when i was a freshman
2. i took over my brother's newspaper for six months inbetween brothers, back then it was a boy job
3. i worked at sears
4. i waitressed at rosas and met becky

2 movies I could watch over and over...

1. maybe superbad. i love that movie so much.

3 places I've lived...
  1. springville, utah
  2. provo, utah
  3. london, england
  4. arlington, virginia
  5. st. george, utah
  6. salt lake city, utah

4 favorite TV/reality shows...
  1. colbert report and the daily show with jon stewart
  2. law and order
  3. everybody loves raymond
  4. curb your enthusiasm
4 favorite places I've been...
  1. london
  2. jerusalem
  3. cinca terra, italy
  4. the grand canyon (in my head)
5. favorite foods...

1. sushi
2. gyros
3. falafel
4. tamales

6 websites I check daily...
  1. my ebay
  2. my blog
  3. my gmail (is that a website)
  4. its all about me apparently
7 hobbies I enjoy...

1. quilting
2. walking (is that a hobby?)
3. reading blogs

8 friends I tag...haha you're it!

1. oh i think i ran out of friends. my mom always said this would happen to me if i didnt get married young.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

tag i'm it

my friend lisa quiz tagged me. which means for those who are unfamiliar with tag and quizzes i have to take this personal quiz and put it on my blog or i will be cursed with 12 years of bad luck. incidentally tag used to stress me out a child. i had above average levels of stress as a child. let the quiz begin:

Jobs I've held...

1. i cut my grandpas hair for $20 a month (this included a complimentary eyebrow trim)
2. i was a sample girl for like three saturdays at food 4 less
3. i worked for civil rights and disability law non-profits
4. and my mom says being such a great daughter is a full time job. thanks mom. i could really use some benefits.

Movies I can watch over and over...
1. i mostly just watch them once
2. however i have watched troy over and over but i think that was because i was unemployed

My Guilty Pleasures...
1. i watch a lot of MTV and Bravo
2. i like to read dating books
3. DHing
4. garlic

TV Shows I enjoy...
1. ANTM (america's next top model)
2. Project Runway
3. Top Chef, Iron Chef and Next FoodNetwork Host
4. Extras (i realize that Extras, the only quality show, is listed last. but dont think it is last in my heart. i also realize i dont like good programming).

Places I have been on vacation...
1. Georgia/Florida
2. London
3. dinosaur land
4. i dont get out much

Favorite foods...
1. goat cheese
2. diet coke
3. cheese enchiladas
4. fondue

Awards I have won
1. as previously mentioned i won a poetry award in kindergarten or maybe it was the first grade
2. i also won the big buck award in the fourth grade for a compelling anti hunting story
3. in the eighth grade my badminton team took second in some sort of championship. but it had nothing to do with my athletic ability which is questionable but my partner who had cat like reflexes.
4. i will have to check my mom's fridge because that is where she displays any certificate/report card/etc of note

Hobbies I enjoy...

1. quilting
2. cooking
3. movie viewing
4. walking
5. making lists of my boring hobbies

Secretly, I wish I could....
1. make crafts all day long
2. nap daily
3. wink
4. go to hair school

A random thing about me...
i like to vote but only because i like the machines and stickers

Monday, August 13, 2007

all we care about is talking

i woke up on monday and found this animal in my parking lot. its dead. i dont know what it is. its hard to see in this picture because it is roughly the same color as the pavement. but it has a bat like body with a long tail. shane thought it was a possum. i think the tail is all wrong and he was really dead and not just playing dead. brian thinks its a lemur and he is probably right. lemurs are endangered. i wish this one hadnt died. but it did.

i am 95% sure that there is a ghost in my apartment building. when i woke up on tuesday and left for work all the pictures on the left side of the wall were off centered but the ones of the right side of the wall were not. that is the kind of sense of humor i see a ghost having.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

we forgot to have a launch party...

my friend lisa and i opened an ebay store called lemonade stand vintage. please click on the link and look at the logo. i made it. i have never made a logo before. i have looked at if over 23 times today. and now that i have that scrolling gallery to the left of my blog everyone will get the chance to see lisa and i model vintage clothing. dream come true i know.

we are really excited about the store. in fact, i have decided i sort of cant have a boyfriend because i have to focus on the ebay store. i have been told this is a bad idea and perhaps my priorities are wrong. probably. but i still choose the store. and if you need a purse you should choose the store as well because how cute are these?