Tuesday, March 25, 2008

if i forgive you all this

i recently self diagnosed myself as a person who tries to get away with as much as i can. it was self diagnosed because A) no one has ever told me this B) i have known myself for a long time and i consider myself "self aware" C) i was reviewing the questionnaire for the MMPI and i answered yes to questions such as "i like to get away with as much as i can."

for instance i went to a hearing on wednesday. i rarely go to hearings. litigation makes me nervous. anyway despite my nervousness about the whole situation i pushed snooze on my alarm even though i knew i would be late. then i put on something that wasnt a suit even though i knew i was supposed to wear a suit. then i showed up at the court house without reviewing the file and said this: (first of all the judge asked me what the status on the case was. i was instructed to say the following so i did):

me: your honor we dont object to the motion to dismiss but we would like it to be withOUT prejudice. (i practiced the without prejudice part because with prejudice sort of just rolls off my tongue).
opposing counsel: i didnt know there was a motion to dismiss before the court. i thought we were here for a motion to show cause.
me: (in my head) shit. thats all i had.
opposing counsel: however we wouldnt oppose a motion to dismiss.
judge: fine i will dismiss the case without prejudice.

i consider that a success. other things i try to get away with include avoiding my family on holidays, only having a "vague" idea of my flight itinerary, not washing my hair for a long time and napping outside.


B. said...

I've never been able to nap outside because I'm worried about predators.

natali said...

i am more nervous about sexual predators.

brian said...

that comment was a good joke.

i spend most of my time trying to avoid almost everyone and every responsibility.

Summer Jensen said...

Lets just say that I love your blog!

natali said...

summertime did you play any pranks today?

Breena said...

Do I remember being involved with you only vaguely knowing your flight itinerary. I know there's a funny story there. What was it? Damn the drugs.

natali said...

damn the drugs indeed. i am sure you have been involved in some sort of travel mishap that involved me and for that i apologize. i am glad you dont remember. our friendship is really going to last if you keep this forgetting thing up.