Wednesday, March 12, 2008

im sure glad we arent lovers

i have been home sick all week. i think whatever was left of my immune system has officially given up. obviously i have been watching a helluva lot of television. to cover up the wheezing sound from my chest. my favorite show was cool hand luke.

for obvious reasons.

while i was watching all this tv i saw a lot of commercials. one was for reeses peanut butter eggs so i bought some later. which proved to be a mistake. i ate two pieces and remembered i dont really like candy. also, i almost sent myself an edible arrangement.

but i didnt.

i dont like those carl jr commercials. they stress/gross me out. maybe its the ulcers talking but eating anything featured on a carls jr. commercial is not going to digest well and will most likely end in some sort of heart attack or other health risk. brian said that carl jr commercials are marketed to the men discussed in this article and arent marketed towards me at all. but why would a food commercial ever want to gross me out?

it seems wrong.

i wanted to put up a picture of toast. the best thing about being sick is my toast station. i set it up pretty early on (its right next to the cough syrup station). i like toast. sometimes with jam and sometimes with eggs. yesterday when arlo and i were eating dinner i noticed how we started talking about beer because the group next to us was and then the table next to us started talking about alcohol because we were. sometimes conversations are contagious. sort of like bronchitis. i hope i didnt contaminate anyone.

i probably did.


bud g chord said...

my friend adam has a bigtime crush on paul newman. and he's not even gay. hope you are feeling betters.

natali said...

yeah i must say i also have a bigtime crush on paul newman.

Colls said...

i think my favorite part about paul newman is his dressing. when i am at a community dinner and his dressing is on the table, i like to use its full name in a passing request. "hi. will you please pass the paul newman's own light raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing?"