Monday, March 31, 2008

so...i guess we are engaged or something

i have noticed that bexy and i are having a lot of conversations that go like this:

bexy: i forgot to take my bc last night. i hope i dont get preggers.
me: that would be the worst.
bexy: the absolute worst... and impossible.
me: its happened before. that mary story haunts me. but maybe we should make some sort of pact. if either of us get knocked up the other one should try to get knocked up. then we can both have babies.
bexy: oh fun!
me: i know i am way excited. this is the best idea i have ever had.
bexy: also that way when i tell my mom and she is crying "NOOOOO WHY NOOOO" i can say "its ok. natali got pregnant so it just felt like the right thing to do."
me: yeah lets not tell my parents. hopefully they will just think i am getting fat and babysitting a lot. or i guess there is always my pretending to move out of the state plan...

this really isnt a scene out of juno because we arent 16 and we arent into adoption. well we arent into the giving end of adoption. there are some ideas regarding adoption in mormon culture that have always bothered me. for example i have encountered the general opinion that many mormons automatically assume that the motivations behind single people (or gays) adopting is selfishness whereas when married people adopt its a very giving and altruistic act. (i am assuming this attitude somehow stems from the emphasis on traditional family units but i cannot be sure of its origins). i dont think people are automatically better parents if they come in pairs.* in fact i dont understand logically how people can still buy into the belief that by virtue of being married people make better parents with so many examples of crappy parents around us who are married. my favorite part of juno was when jennifer garner's character decided to go through with the adoption on her own even though her husband split. my least favorite part was when they sang that song together at the end. anyway, i thought it was great that she adopted as a single.

*it should be noted that from my conversations regarding this matter i learned that although single parents cannot handle healthy, well adjusted children, they can effectively parent emotionally troubled or disabled and/or older children alone.
**no pacts or wills posted on this blog will be considered legally binding


becky said...

my favorite part of the conversation was when i was like

"i wish we were both preggers. it would be fun to be single and preggers at the same time"

and you were like

"i think everyone including our parents would have to think that was funny."

i mean, we're both 30, so it's funny that NOW we'd get knocked up. who COULDN'T see the humor in that?

becky said...

oh. it's also funny because we're not sexually active

natali said...

and we are both on birth control. our odds of getting knocked up i guess we wont be testing my moms sense of humor anytime soon.

reno said...

I want to play too! Isn't there like a Nintendo DS game where we could all have babies and... like virtually breastfeed them and stuff?

natali said...

ugh breast feeding. how much is virtual formula?