Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the power is out. why am i alive?

how is my stomach lining doing? i dont mean to be a baby about this but i still have holes and i cant drink diet coke. for the record i have only had 5 diet cokes since February 28. that is only 60 ounces of diet coke. but this is what i have come to learn.

i love it.

it tastes like dirt.

how come i never noticed that dirt taste before? i drank one today. i let it sit in my mouth while it defizzed. it was either my enamel or my stomach and i choose my stomach. i dont know why. my teeth are great and my stomach is the shits. i should try and preserve my good assets.

enough about my internal angst.

a sister missionary told me a joke today. she said in pageants in the philippines the judges ask the contestants what their favorite color is and one girl said fuchsia and then they asked her how to spell it and she said actually i think my favorite color is red. it wasnt a very good joke and i probably wouldnt convert based on it but i thought i was nice for her to try.

oh and i am already mormon.


lisa said...

I'm so proud of you for only having 60oz of diet coke. I have had more than 60oz already this morning, and it's only ten.

becky said...

i bet she told you that joke because she thought you could relate to that girl's spelling ability.

natali said...

she was probably blessed with the gift of discernment

Lee said...

That joke was great.

Cicada said...

I thought that was a pretty good joke. I'm going to start telling it. But in my version, it'll be a Canadian beauty pageant.

natali said...

i wonder if in every version the contestants are speaking english.