Tuesday, May 06, 2008

a woman of letters

oh yeah becky and i made pretty great easter baskets this year. i forgot about them until just now.

i got this email recently

subject: the intelligencia
message: is on to you.
act now, but be safe.


thanks r. did you mean intelligensia? you know me (do you?) i dont care about spelling. spelling is so confining (dont you think?) and i am the laziest writer i know. anyway i am not sure the distinction is important but i cant google anything about the intelligencia so maybe it doesnt exist. either way i doubt they are onto me. and i am always safe. for example i never talk to strangers and i try not to eat preservatives.

its funny because someone wanted to set me up with someone they knew so they told me to check out his blog. maybe blogging is the new e harmony. the conversation went something like this:

someone: i have someone i want to set you up with!
me: really
someone: yes. its perfect...he is an attorney
me: uh huh
someone: he likes to travel and is super outdoorsy
me: hmm
someone: he likes to make pottery
me: really! i like boys who like crafts
someone: ummm


lisa said...

Those Easter baskets were so great. I still think about mine a lot. It made my Easter.

brian said...

i think the intelligencia or whatever is like people who work at washington think tanks, weapons researchers, intelligence agencies and the like. or they could be related to this conspiracy ty is always talking about. something about half-reptile/half-humans that control everything.

natali said...

oh i just figured it was the russians.

Cicada said...

blogs are definitely the new e-harmony. I should know.

Teriney said...

I miss your easter treats!!! If only you lived in Arkie.