Saturday, February 03, 2007

i hope they call bean on a mission

little beanie is practicing for the picture for his plaque with this shot displaying how reverent he can be. although he can't preach yet (mostly because he can't talk), his mission is already being anticipated by rose's relief society teacher. she asked rose to bring bean to RS and as a lesson aid to sing to him "I hope they call you on a mission" as though it is a lullaby. so i went because i thought hey that sounds pretty funny, how will rose keep a straight face, what will bean do and how cheesy is that? but rose sang like an all star. and it brought tears to many an eye. testimonies were born about how touching it was. and truth be told i thought it was kind of sweet. next time i teach RS i think i will ask rose and bean to perform. oh and i dont teach RS so that probably wont happen.


provoce said...

Yay for the Bean! I hope he goes to Scotland.

Heather Heba said...

At the beginning of a testimony meeting in NYC the other month my friend and I were snickering to each other about how ridiculous it is when people sing their testimony at the pulpit. Only right then, a mini Mclean (maybe his son?) gets up and announces that he's going to sing his testimony. For real. I started to snicker again (quietly) only he's really singing his lil' heart out and the next thing I know my friend and I are wiping away a stray tear or two...we're going to hell for mocking God's children.